UFOs and USOs: the Shag Harbour incident

UFOs and USOs: the Shag Harbour incident

What kind of link exists between water and UFOs? Over the decades unidentified flying objects have been repeatedly seen disappearing beneath the sea, in fact many wondering if there are underwater alien bases on Earth.

One of the most famous USO (Unidentified submerged objects) cases is what happened on 4 October 1967 at Shag Harbour, a fighing village on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, in Shelburne County, Canada.

The Shag Harbour USO

Around 23.00 some witnesses called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Rcmp) to report a possible air crash. A bright flying object seemed to angle down and impact into the ocean near the harbor, creating a flash of light and a loud bang.

A first Rcmp patrol, composed of Police Corporal Victor Werbicki, Contable Ron O’ Brian and Constable Ron Pond, confirmed sighting of a floating object to sea level, about a half-mile away the shoreline. The object was giving off a yellowish light and a few minutes later sunk off.

Disappeared underwater

A Canadian Coast Guard search and rescue cutter arrived about an hour later from nearby Clark’s Harbour to look for potential survivors, while many Shag Harbour’s fishermen’s boats tried to reach the point where the Uso disappeared, but all they found was a layer of yellowish foam and a smell of sulfur.

Research went on until 3.00 AM, then started again at dawn, but wrecks nor survivors (or corpses) were never found, while the Rescue Coordination Centre (Rcc) in Halifax and Norad radar station in Baccaro determined that no civilian nor military aircrafts were missing that evening.

Hmcs Granby’s mystery

According to some sources a few days later would have been headed to Shag Harbour even the deep-diving tender (previously a Bangor-class minesweeper) Hmcs Granby (J264/180) with 8 divers who would conduct further research finding nothing. But here is a mystery in the mystery.

The Hmcs Granby was commissioned in 1942, to be decommissioned the 31 July 1945. Recommisioned and reclassified after war from May 1953 as deep-diving tender of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Marine Unit, was paid off for the final time the 15 December 1966.

UFOs and USOs: the Shag Harbour incident

Then how could it be on duty about one year later? It’s a mystery, like is a mystery the end of the ship (ship was put for sale, but only in 1975, and there are no evidences of the buyer).

Is it possible that the ship was no more in the hands of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Marine Unit but of the Canadian secret service, or other agencies like Cia, and that its divers have actually found something, keeping it a secret? So far, the Shag Harbour accident has no official explanation.

Deception schemes

In 2006, an History Channel documentary cited as anonymous source an ex-military Canadian officer according to which a few days after the incident a Soviet submarine would have been reported nearing the crash site, which made assume that the USO could be a Soviet satellite, then recovered by the submarine.

However, no legal document was ever found to confirm this version, which could be yet another attempt to cover up an encounter with the aliens.

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