Cyclops and giants are just legends or is it real?

Cyclops and giants are just legends or is it real?

In the ancient myths there are a lot of cyclops and giants, but are they just mythological figures or are there any basis of their existence? In Sicily, precisely on the island of Levanzo, belonging to the archipelago of the Egadis (united to Sicily up to the end of the Paleolithic) historical finds exist, consistent of graffiti 11-12 thousand years old and rocky paintings 5-6 thousand years old.

The Genoese’s Cave finds

In the Genoese’s Cave, a prehistoric sanctuary you can get to from the sea, there are about thirty graffiti from Paleolithic (10 thousand years ago) depicting human beings and large animals by now extinct, like the Cervus Elaphus (buck), the Bos Primigenius (ox-bull) and the Equus Asinus Hidruntinus (small horse), besides black and red rocky paintings dating back to Neolithic (6 thousand years ago) depicting “small idols”, hunting’s scenes and human beings.

Genoese’s Cave

Those who the philosopher Empedocle from Agrigento (492-432 b.C.) describes as fossils found in many caves in Sicily of a bloodline of giant men, now disappeared, would actually be fossils of dwarf elephants, whose presumed ocular hollow was nothing but the nasal hole.

Were cyclops coming from east?

But the story could otherwise have gone and cyclops could have been artisans with a knowledge of metallurgy coming from east who established themselves in the Aeolian islands about 4 thousand years before Christ. Who were these artisans, of whose production we only got a few traces, it’s not possible to say, as it’s impossible to tell how they were successful in mastering the metallurgical art.

Were they perhaps come into contact with ancient alien visitors? Were themselves aliens too, as it would indirectly testify the description that the ancient poets gives of them, of beings who didn’t respect neither feared the laws and the gods? Sure looks like they knew how to build megalithic structures found in various parts of Italy, from Latium to Abruzzo, from Marche to Tuscany, that also writers as Humerus, Hesiod, Plutarco and Diodoro Siculus had no hesitations to attribute to their hands.

Sardinian giant skeletons

The myth, then, could have a concrete basis, and yet until now scholars couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) strengthen research, despite already in 2011 there have been those who have spoken about giant skeletons found in the territory of the municipality of Pauli Arbarei, from 2 to 7 meters high, while other sources reported similar findings in Greece and Saudi Arabia.

To date, however, there is no clear evidence of such findings and about photos that have been circulating on the web in recent years all of them turn out to be false, many of which related to a contest about “archeological anomalies” set up years ago by the website Worth1000 (see: Archaeological Anomalies).

Cyclops and giants are just legends or is it real?

Have any of you, maybe, concrete unpublished evidences? In this case remains available to shed light on one of the myths which has always accompanied human history, i.e. that of giant beings who would have once lived even in Italy.

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