Ufo over the Vesuvius?

Ufo over the Vesuvius?

Marco Mazzarella strikes again: the famous Campania “skywatcher” just published on his Youtube channel yet another video devoted to an alleged Ufo sighting, over Mount Somma, a mountain on the side of the Vesuvius, whose volcanic complex Mount Somma forms an integral part.

The footage of Marco Mazzarella

In the footage, lasting three minutes and which you can see below, a tiny bright flying object appears in the late afternoon of July 12, 2016 (at 18.55) as it moves across the sky, slowly. Enlarged the object seems to take the shape of a real flying saucer.

Previous videos have proved to be hoaxes

By the way, Mazzarella is credited with a long line of sightings which have proved to be nothing more than the shot of International space station passage, or airplanes and/or helicopters at a great distance. It’s not even the first time that Mazzarella films bright flying objects in late afternoon over Mount Somma: a much similar footage was already done October 9, 2014 at 18.30.

Even if the footage seems authentic, i.e. free of rigging, you can’t tell that it is proof of an extraterrestrial Ufo passing (or of some kind of experimental military aircraft), let alone that near the Vesuvius there can be a so important Ufos activity to allow shooting of many videos within a few months. Therefore we are waiting for further investigations and confirmation (or denial) concerning this new case of “Parthenopean” Ufo.

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