Potenza, haunted city

Potenza, haunted city

Italy, with its art heritage cities and its medieval origins villages is a fascinating land, not just for tourists from all over the world, but even for ghost hunters. From Milan to Venice in Italy there are a lot of haunted cities and even in Potenza there are paranormal hotspot from historical to more recent ones.

The ghost wagon of Basento bridge

Outside the city, down the Basento river, a quaint stone bridge built by emperor Diocletian would be the sceen of an appearance which appears every Summer solstice: a cart pulled by two horses would go near the bridge along the river, would start to cross it but to the middle of the bridge horses would be spurred at at a gallop by an invisible coach man and then jumping into the river.

A disturbino monk

Witnesses who many times over the years have reported the event always said they never found no trace at all either of wagon or of the horses. But if the story of the ghost wagon could be just a local legend or a joke renewing itself from year to year, much more disturbino is a tape which for a few weeks the owner of “0971” bar in Via Pretoria, in the historic centre of Potenza, posted on Facebook, stating that he chose to check the security cam footage after he found several times, in the morning, the flower pots outside his bar on the ground.

Policemen will dig

The club owner, Piero Coviello, thought of some stunt of a gang, but in the tape he discovered the outline of a monk who is walking down the street and, pulled up outside the bar, stops to take a look and then disappears. Shorlty after the tape was posted on Facebook even the owner of another coffe shop not far from the one of Mr Coviello posted a similar videotape. If it’s not a joke, according to what you can see it could be a ghost, that’s why Coviello claims he had decided, together with his colleague, to hand the tapes to the Potenza’s Carabinieri so that they can investigate if it’s a joke or a real appearance of something not of this Earth.

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