Triangle Ufo filmed at night in Florida

Triangle Ufo filmed at night in Florida

A triangle Ufo filmed in Florida at night by an American driver (“walking back81”), then uploaded on Youtube by the youtuber FindingUFO and is going viral among ufologists all around the world, although there are, as always, uncertainties and doubts about movie’s authenticity.

Triangle Ufo like at Phoenix in 1997

The footage of the Florida’s Ufo is being discussed because according to some it recalls the famous 1997 Phoenix (Arizona) Lights incident, when thousands of people (and hundreds in Sonora area, Mexico) witnessed they saw a bright triangular Ufo, or triangular Ufos formations, across the skies on the night of March 13, 1997.

Commenting on his own footage walking back81 then explained: “I was driving on route 46 (I said 426 in the video, as I read the GPS wrong), and saw some weird looking lights on the left side of the road.”

At the beginning “I thought it was just a plane,” but then it “crossed the road, and got bigger and I got a little more curious.” I saw it had “lights flashing, and move across the road, and then hover on the right side”. After turning on the camera “it didn’t last before it disappeared”.

Triangle Ufo or secret military plane?

The driver in the footage describes the Ufo as a disc-shaped, or a flying saucer, but from early analysis of the movie lights appears to be triangle arranged, just as in the famous 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

According to, many black triangle Ufos have been reported in the past years in the US and it could be even some experimental secret plane of the Pentagon, particularly a new generation stealth reconnaissance planes able of flying silently, hovering in the air, and then accelerating at incredible rates. Is it true?

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