Alien encounters, the Varginha incident

Alien encounters, the Varginha incident

It’s 15.30 of January 20, 1996, and is a Saturday afternoon like others for Liliane and Valquiria Silva sisters and their friend Katia de Andrade Xavier, are on the way home at Jardim Andere, a suburb of the Brazilian town Varginha, in the state of Minas Gerais a hundred kilometers away from Rio de Janeiro. 

Suddenly the three little girls see, about 6 meters away, huddled up against a wall of an abandoned prefabricated building, a dark skin being, with a big head with three prongs and a very small nose, seemingly 80 centimeters tall, naked and moist, but without visible sexual organs.

The alien encounters of Varginha

This scary being, the two sisters Silva explain to their mother, held a hand between his legs and the other against the wall and stared them with big red eyes almond-shaped, without a pupil.

A detail that struck the girls was that he had very large veins that seemed to depart from the neck branching on shoulders, breasts, and arms. Mum is doubtful, she wants to understand if it’s a joke or her daughters and their friend have really been in danger.

This time she returns together with the girls on the place of the sighting, where she doesn’t find the being anymore but she perceives a strong ammonia smell. To that point she decides to tell the episode to relatives and acquaintances, the voice spreads in the city, and other witnesses sping up what people believe to be a Chupacabras.


Alien encounters, the Varginha incident
Liliane Silva, Valquíria Silva and Kátia Xavier at the time of the event and today.

Another couple saw the UFO

Not only: a couple of farmers, Oralina Augusta and Enrico Defreitas, report that the night before, January 20 at 1.15 a.m., while they were sleeping in their farm around 10 kilometers away from Varginha, have wakened up by the noises of their animals, have gone out in the courtyard and they have seen a UFO in the sky cigar-shaped, weakly brightened, apparently the size of a minibus, to slowly stir to low quota.

The sightings would have lasted up to 2.00 a.m. before the mysterious object disappeared. Finally come signalings of “suspects” movements of the local fire brigade and of military trucks all afternoon, over that of the arrival in the city hospital of an ambulance accompanied by police cars.

Was it an Ufo crash?

The ufologists go to work and they begin to formulate a hypothesis: in the night between January 19 and 20 the Norad would have told the Brazilian military aeronautics of a radar trace of a Ufo directed toward Brazil.

The UFO would be the one seen by the two farmers that, perhaps in the attempt to escape to an interception, would be slammed into the ground, shortly thereafter.

The being seen by the little girls could be the pilot or one of the crew members, survived to the crash, and it would be a hybrid Grey Brown alien who would have been captured late afternoon by the fire brigade in the afternoon, after the capture of a further alien some hours before.

Just this Grey Brown hybrid alien, if this is, would have been brought then to the hospital because of his wounds, but it would be deceased. A third humanoid alien dead body would finally have been found some days later by the soldiers.

The alien dead bodies to that point would have been transported to the Medical Examiner Department of the Campinas University for an autopsy to be performer, while the survivor (according to other witnesses more than just one) would finally have been transferred on board of a US military airplane to Albrook airbase, Panama.

According to the authorities nor Ufo nor alien

Totally different the version of the authorities, which explain the girls encounter with the mysterious creature with the presence of a mentally sick man, a citizen “probably stained with mud because of the rain, seen crouched close to a wall”, who was “confused, frightened by three girls and associate to an alien creature”.

The movements of troops would have been totally routine since they were trucks transferred for maintenance activity, while the UFOs would have been nothing else than normal lights mistaken for extraterrestrial vehicles because of the climate of general euphoria.

The official explanation was nevertheless formulated one year after the sighting and even if it is true that have never been found even fragments of the Ufo, at least officially, it is also true that it wasn’t the first case of presumed alien encounters that occurred in Brazil, and that official explanations have never entirely convinced.

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