Grey aliens: the two hybrid variations

Grey aliens: the two hybrid variations
On the left there is the representation of a Orange Grey, on the right a Brown Hybrid

Let’s conclude our review of Grey aliens, according to information provided to us by an insider of a very discreet and confidential society. As we have already explained [link] there are many different races of grey aliens, with the common goal to exploit humanity and Earth. Two other variants are Grey orange and Grey-brown.

The orange Grey aliens

The orange Grey aliens, also known as “head heart” because of the shape of their head, the males have a gilded skin, the females an orange skin (differently from the classical Grey aliens, in fact, the Oranges reproduce in a sexual way and not by cloning). Even the orange Greys have great almond eyes totally black, a note very protruding nose, a small mouth, two stlits instead of ears and an apparently frail body type, but they are tall 160 cms on average, exceeded therefore only from the tall Greys.

Observed between Nevada, Utah and New Mexico, where they are suspected of having one or more bases, the orange Grey aliens would have shape-taker abilities, which makes them proper to act as undercover in the Us and other governments of the world. Natives of the Barnard stellar system (beta Ophiuchi), a red star of the main sequence of Ophiuchus constellation just 5,96 light-years away from Earth, they are supposed to be Grey and Reptilians hybrids.

The brown Grey hybrids

The brown Greys are so-called because their skin can assume tones that go from the grey-brown one to tanned; have great almond eyes according to some witnesses dark red, for other totally black. Some witnesses affair that their skin has a leathery, wrinkled appearance, in this revealing to be more similar to that of Reptilians than of classical Greys, allowing to hypothesize that they could be hybrids more than an autonomous race.

The Ufo apparently crashed January 20, 1996, in a suburban neighborhood in Varginha, Brazil, would have been driven by a brown Grey, who some witnesses described as 122-150 cm tall, with three round bumps on the head like little horns oily brown skin, great red eyes and with a strong smell of ammonia. According to others at least in that case could have been a hybrid between the brown Grays and the Chupacabra, but there is no evidence in this regard.

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