Grey aliens: so many races with the only goal to exploit the Earth

Grey aliens, so many races, only one goal: to exploit the Earth

Who are grey aliens?

They are one of the more widespread alien race In the Milky Way: the grey aliens. To be true, explained our source, member of a very "discreet" and low profile organization, to talk about the "Greys" in general could lead to confusion.

There are many races of grey aliens, all similar but coming from different stellar systems, with a common goal to study and exploit humanity and the Earth

Are grey aliens evil?

The most widely known are the “classic” grey aliens, the ones with whom Barney and Betty Hill came across, come from the Zeta Reticuli binary stellar system, 39,2 light-years away from the Earth. These two yellow main-sequence dwarf stars have not revealed the presence of gas giant planets, instead, it is likely the presence of a planet like Earth.

Short (their height varies from 100 to 120 centimeters), with a grey color skin, big almond black eyes, an almost nonexistent nose, a mouth similarly small and two slits instead of ears. Asexual, they just reproduce by cloning and learned a long time ago how to telepathically communicate.

They would be the ones to have reached an agreement with the United States and many other governments in 1954, circumstance confirmed by the American Army lieutenant colonel Philip Corso and by former Us Navy secret services’ official William Cooper.

The agreement allowed the Greys to conduct genetic experiments and cloning of humans; to avoid excessive public concern, the memoirs of those abducted and analyzed by the grey aliens are usually removed through a mind-control technique, and only through hypnosis therapy can be, partly, recovered.

The small Greys, interstellar workforce?

Slightly smaller (they don’t generally overcome the meter high) the grey aliens coming from the stellar system of Bellatrix (Gamma Orionis), about 240 years-light away from the Earth.

Like the “classic” Greys from Zeta Reticuli, for whom they would act as “interstellar workforce”, even the grey aliens from Gamma Orionis are very similar to the humans, and this could be the confirmation of experiments made to create genetic human hybrid or that small grey alien are a human evolution able to travel in time.

In this case, the UFOs from which they have been seen to come down by some witnesses could be not only vehicles to travel in space but also time machines.

tall grey aliens

Lieutenant colonel Philip Corso said he was convinced that the extraterrestrial corpse taken out of the Ufo crashed near Roswell in 1947 belonged to this race, which means that small grey aliens are far from being immortal or foolproof.

They would be involved in the mysterious animal mutilations and in some abductions made to secure human beings for experiments secretly authorized by world governments under and arrangement stipulated in the '50s.

Tall Greys, the true leaders

More evolved than the small Greys and the classical Greys are the “tall” grey aliens, whose height often grazes 2 meters. Also, the tall grey aliens would originate from a stellar system of the Orion constellation, Rigel (Beta Orionis), about 860 years-light away from Earth which was formed only about 10 million years ago. The youth of the Rigel system leads us to believe that the tall greys are native of other stellar systems and that they moved toward Rigel relatively recently.

They have developed superior technologies compared to those of the others Greys and they act like political, military, or scientific leaders, having their permanent base on the Earth, under the Arctic. Further grey aliens “variants” like the brown-grey aliens, the orange-grey ones, or the strong grey ones, would be hybridizations of the grey aliens with other alien races as the Reptilians or with the humans.

Grey aliens, so many races, only one goal: to exploit the Earth

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