Ufo, Hillary Clinton insists: I will open the dossiers

Ufo, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem too worried by the idea to have to challenge Donald Trump in novembre for the race for the White House, instead she seems worried to be able, in the event she was elected President, to disclosure covered up informations regarding Ufos . She stated at least three times [link] in this campaign, the last time during the radio show The Breakfast where she has confirmed to want “want to open the files as much as we can”, adding by the way, and this is the first time, that she would give up “if there’s some huge national security thing and I can’t get agreement to open them”.

Ufo: diplomatic Hillary Clinton

“I do want to open them because I’m interested” explained Clinton, who however when asked if she believe in aliens answered in an even more balanced way that she can’t give an ansie, but that she want to “want to see what the information shows. But there are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen, making them up. I think that people see things - what they see, I don’t know. But we have got to try to give people information. I believe in that”.

Jimmy Carter’s precedent

Hillary Clinton’s specification reminded to many the one originally made by the former democrat candidate to the presidency Jimmy Carter , who assured that he would be hocked for removing the secret of state from the files regaring the Ufos, except then breaking his word once elected in name of the “national securety” and complete his unfortunate mandate without disclosure to the public even a single file regarding Ufos and aliens.

Steve Bassett remains critical on the Clintons

That Hillary is trying to exploit the liking of those people that believe in the Ufos it’s evident, as it is evident that she is careful not to turn away the liking of who doesn’t believe it. In this respect the most critical position is that of the only recorded lobbyst for activities related to the Ufos, Stephen Bassett, Chief executive officer of The Paradigm Research Group. Basssett not only wants that the next President admits that a contact with alien visitors there has been already, but that the aliens have secretly tightened bonds with the main governments of the world.

Ufos: Rockfeller’s report didn’t shed the light

Particularly Bassett think that Clintons should explain their involvement, since in 1993 Laurence Rockefeller, supporter and friend of the Clintons, asked to the White House informations on the Roswell accident. Based on the research done, Rockfeller himself stated that in July 1947 there wasn’t any Ufo crash in Roswell and that actually it was a metereological balloon. In the 1996 Rockfeller loosened his research group without that any secret documents had been made public, but the controversy around Roswell and the possible secret documents continued.Since then, for about 20 years, Clintons and their assistants have not spoken anymore of this story.

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