Alien or rake captured by a camera trap

Alien or rake captured

Do you know what is a camera trap? It is a camera that takes photos or records videos every time that the infrared detectors to which is connected perceive a different movement from the usual one. The camera traps are used by the hunters to follow the movements of the animals rather than from those who realizes naturalistic photos. The camera traps can have batteries with an autonomy of different months and can record the movements of many animals.

Camera trap captures a strange prey

In some rare occasion, however, besides the animals movements these cameras record something unusual, leaving their owners shocked when after some times they are recovered and the photos and tapes made are finally examined. This is the case of a nighttime photo realized in Pennsylvania in 2012 that besides a gorgeous stag in the foreground it shows, in the background, a strange creature with a relly unusual appearance.

Alien or rake captured

What is it? Is it maybe an alien? Or of a humanoid creature which lives in the depth of the American forests, maybe the rake of which the legends talk and that is the protagonist of the homonym creepy pasta? Naturally skeptics are inclined to say that it was only an hoax and that the photo has been edited, yet several years later still no believable explanations regarding this image has not been given.

Rake or alien? Still no explanations

The legend can so perhaps have a fund of truth and the rake really exist, dangerous and aggressive as it could be a hunted wild animal. Or an alien visitor can casually have been captured by the camera trap and to have chose to quickly vanish for making to lose his own traces, fearing to come into contact with of the human ones and even he still wanders in the depths of the forests of the Pennsylvania. If it were the case, who knows that in a while he can again appear in a photo shoot by some other camera trap.

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