The Baltic Sea Anomaly is still a mystery

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

For some it’s just a great block of stone, but the Baltic Sea Anomaly, found at 85-90 metres depth in 2011 by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg, founders of the Swedish Ocean X Team, after five years remains a mystery.

Equipment blacked out

According to Ocean X Team, their electrich equipment showed malfunctions when the expedition approached the formation. The satellitare phone stopped working near the anomaly, for then start functioning when returned at a distance of about 200 metres an blacked out again once being back in the proximity of the anomaly. What can have caused these breakdowns remains a mystery.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly
Original image of the Ocean X Team

The Baltic Sea Anomaly splits the geologists

Geologists seems to be split on what can really be the Baltic Sea Anomaly. According to Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, one of the first to analyze samples of the Baltic Sea Anomaly, it would be a structure of basaltic rocks, a type of rock created from solidified lava, in this case in a basin formed thousand of years ago.
Geologist Steve Weiner claimed instead that the incredibile formation (3 to 4 metres thick, approximately 60 metres in diameter, standing on an 8-meter tall pillar-like feature) can’t be natural because of its metallic composition. More open is the marine geologist Kyle Kingman who think it could be “paleosol”, or “fossil soils”, i.e. a former soil buried underneath either sediments or volcanic deposits in geological times before the current one, while its collegue Andreas Olsson doesn’t exclude that this can be a great manganese agglomeration.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is a UFO?

Yet truth could be another and the anomaly could reveal a sort of secret anti submarine defense developed by the Nazis during the Second World War, or the turret of a war ship covered of sea sediments, although in the area sinkings have not been recorded. Nevertheless there is who think, because of its particolar form, the uncertainty surrounding its composition and the supposedly equipments malfunctioning, that the Baltic Sea Anomaly could be an ancient UFO, by now covered of sea sediments and similar to a rock.

Differently from “stone Flying soucers” found in Russia near Chernobrov and Kemerovo, Baltic Sea Anomaly’s dimensions make the hypothesis more reasonable. To succeed in resolving once and for all the mystery a further expedition should be organised and would need to succeed in withdrawing other samples of the rock-like formation, to determine if the rock of which it seems constituted conceals an ancient machine of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin to its inside, or if it is indeed a full rock structure thousand if not million of years old.

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