Lady Babushka, will the secret fall?

Lady Babushka

Dallas, November 22, 1963: John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Jfk), the people's favorite American president, but also the most hated by powerful groups, is crossing the city on board of a Lincoln Continental while the crowd hails him; many take pictures and among these Lady Babushka.

Then a shot, Jfk is murdered in front of everybody and the America falls in a state of shock, but her, Lady Babushka, unabashed, puts back the camera and walks without hurry and without showing any emotions.

What happened to Lady Babushka?

Who really is Lady Babushka and why she never answered to Fbi’s call done to everybody to bring the police photos and tapes so that they could be examined in search of useful clues to understand the dynamics of a murder which, after over 50 years, remains wound by the mystery?

For some she is only a woman who was in the wrong place to the wrong moment, but others believe that she could be something different: an American, or Russian (or of other countries) spy, since the identity of the woman has never been discovered (her nickname, Lady Babushka, derives from the foulard, i.e. “babushka” in Russian, with which she held picked up her hairs).

Lady Babushka

Beverly Oliver can't be the mysterious woman

Over the years practically every guy present on the crime scene has been identified and interviewed, but there were never found reliable news about Lady Babushka. Only in 1970 a woman, Beverly Oliver, stepped up claiming to be Lady Babushka, and to have been contacted years before by mysterious men in black who identified themselves as Fbi agents and who would have seized her photographic films, just to never be seen again.

A story considered not believable, since in 1963 Berverly Oliver was only 17 years old, much younger than the woman with on a long coat and the “babushka” on her head who you can seen in a lot of photos, besides in the videos of Abraham Zapruder and Oliver Nix, not too far from the car on which Jfk was travelling when he was murdered.

Has she ended up like Jfk murderer, Lee Oswald?

But then who really was Lady Babushka and why Beverly Oliver lied sustaining to be her? Was she, perhaps, a time traveller whose presence, once noticed, had to be “covered” in some way by a second partner? Or was she a person sent to check if everything went as it had to, and if Lee Harvey Oswald would have done what he had been engaged for?

In this case has Lady Babushka ended up like Oswald or has she survived? We could know more about it, perhaps, by the end of 2017, when the secret of state over the latest 1.100 documents in the hands of the Cia will expire, now that Donald Trump promised to made them public.

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