Bran Castle is still in search of a new owner

Bran Castle

The economic crisis affects even the legendary castles. In Romania since 2014, it’s on sale the Bran Castle, just two hours away from Bucarest, built 1226 and completed 1388.

Castle has passed in the progress of centuries from the Teutonic Knights to the Asburgos, for then to end forfeited by the communist regime before being again returned to the Asburgos, in 2009.

The initial price, 66 million dollars, has discouraged the buyers so much that at the end of 2015 it was already lowered to 12 million dollars, but the castle seems not to have found a new owner.

Bran Castle attracts million visitors

Yet the Bran Castle is historical: in its dungeons was confined in 1459 Vlad III Tepes (the Impaler), to whom the writer Bram Stoker was inspired for the Count Dracula character (in the reality Dracul was the nickname of the father of Vlad Tepes, i.e. Vlad II), protagonist of the 1897 homonym novel, set in the Transylvania castle.

From 2009 the castle has returned of ownership of Dominic Habsburg-Lothringen and his two sisters, Maria Magdanela Holzhausen and Elisabeth Sandhofer, last Asburgos descendants who since then opened to the public the castle, quickly become a tourist destination of national importance with a million visitors per year.

Bran Castle

Dracula’s grave is not in the Bran Castle

Become too much elderly to keep on managing it the heirs of the Asburgos have finally decided to sell the castle from whose well, situated to the center of the courtyard, according to a legend, could emerge the souls of the victims of the vampire but only a night a year, to midnight of September 31 (too bad that September has only 30 days)!

In the castle was instead never found any trace of the grave of Vlad III, who according to some could have been instead interred in Naples in the cloister of the church of Santa Maria la Nova. Who knows whether seeing the value of the Castle of Bran so drastically lower the Count has not, literally, turn in the grave?

Bran Castle

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