Arecibo message and crop circles

Arecibo message
The Arecibo Observatory radio telescope

November 16, 1974 from the Seti’s Arecibo radio telescope was transmitted the first radio message from mankind to a possible alien civilization, wrote by Frank Drake with the help of Carl Sagan and others.

Directed to the globular star cluster M13, 25,000 light years away, the message, broadcast in less than three minutes, consisted of 1,679 binary digits, which can be arranged rectangularly as 73 rows by 23 columns, containing some basic informations (the “Drake’s cryptogram”).

Since an extremely narrow frequency band was used to send it, it is highly unlikely that before 250 centuries have passed, the message may even come close to any solar system, inhabited or not it could be, or better the possibility that accidentally it crosses one or more other solar systems before reaching destination is equal around to one on 50 thousand.

Arecibo message, after only 27 years the answer?

Yet, contrary to all expectations, after only 27 years the message seems to have received an answer: August 19, 2001, in a cornfield near the Chilbolton radio telescope facility, in Great Britain, the most curious crop circle ever appeared on the Earth has been found, a sort of answer to the message launched by the Seti, different only for some information from this one (for instance the representation of a silicon atom instead of that of carbon, the representation of a sort of alien Dna with triple helix and of a spatial probe instead of the radiotelescope of Arecibo).

Three days after a second crop circle, representing what seemed a face, appeared near the message. But the problem is: how did the aliens respond in such a short time?

Arecibo message

Seti is skeptical about Chilbolton’s crop circle

Even Seti scientists began to wonder, giving this answer: it would be “a nice joke, as well as a good example of graphic art in the crop”. Not only "there is not any evidence that suggests for these sketches a different origin from that terrestrial", rather there is a series of evidences that brings to exclude an extraterrestrial origin.

First of all, nobody understand why aliens should keep communication through crop circles, when they could send us a radio signal that in few second of transmission could furnish us a more elevated number of information.

Then, to answer in just 27 years aliens should be to no more than 13-13,5 years light (imagining that their message can have been transmitted at a distance and traveled to the speed of the light before being engraved on the Earth), but untill now in the portion of sky crossed by the Arecibo signal no solar systems have been found at such close distance.

Chilbolton’s crop circle is a hoax?

The same information furnished by the crop circle don’t convince the scientists who judge unlikely that an alien kind can resemble so much to humans in spite of having totally different elements at the level of Dna from them. Chilbnolton’s crop circle is then a hoax?

It’s highly probable, even if no one has come forward to claim credits for it, so those who want to believe can still hope that something of truth in Chilbolton’s crop circle or in those appeared in the years in hundreds of other places in the whole Earth there is, after all.

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