Alien civilization, how does the Kardashev Scale work?

Kardashev Scale

How to classify alien civilizations?

Since in an universe like ours, populated as already noted [link] by 300-500 galaxies each with 100 billion stars on average, it is likely exists or have existed other advanced alien civilizations, already in 1964 the Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev, while he was observing the quasar Cta-102 within a Soviet project regarding alien civilizations analogous to the Seti, set the problem of how to classify the stadium of advancement of every civilization that could populate the universe.

Kardashev started from the hypothesis that any civilization developed before the terrestrial one could have reached a very superior degree of civilization and elaborated the Kardashev Scale for their classification, founding it on the forms of energies that those civilizations can get and consume.

Kardashev Scale, the three original classes

The orignal Kardashev Scale foresaw three classes of civilization. Those of first type, the planetary societies, could have available the whole energy of a planet in all of its forms (including volcanos, storms and even earthquakes); they could collect and store energy from a near star and it would be powered by the solar and the atomic energy. Human civilization has not yet reached the first type, but it is estimated that it could reach this level in the next 200 years.

Those of second type, the interplanetary societies, can harness the entire energy of a star, would be able to create a Dyson sphere and to colonize several planets. Given the amount of energy available would be virtually immune to extinction due to natural causes. Finally, those of the third type, the interstellar societies, would be able to harness the energy of an entire galaxy. They would also be able to colonize a galaxy and it would probably be cyborg, or cybernetic organisms, based, while humans would be considered inferior beings. The Borg by Star Trek series are a case in point.

Kardashev Scale
Nikolai Kardashev
The other two classes of Kardashev Scale

Kardashev went no further, feeling as extremely advanced any civilization of the fourth type, which therefore did not try to describe. But over the years researchers as Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku and Robert Zubrin have filled a gap, so now we assume that they can exist even civilizations of the Fourth type, the intergalactic societies, that could control the energy of the entire universe, residing within super massive blacks holes and being well hidden from the view of other civilizations less advanced

They would perhaps be able to master the laws of space and time, like the Time Lords of the Doctor Who series. Finally, the fifth type societies, the master race, could be so advanced that they can use the power output of several universes in addition to our, through the various universes with a multiplicity of forms of matter, physical and space-time. They would be composed of beings like them. Will it be all be true or just realistic?

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