The Hall of Records has been discovered?

The Hall of Records

Egypt can still reveal secrets lost for centuries, and if in the next months could be found again the grave of Queen Nefertiti, wife of the “heretic pharaohAkhenaton and mother of Tutankhamon (in whose grave there seem to really be the two secret rooms of which it has been speaking for months) an even more important discovery.

The Hall of the Records of which talked Plinio il Vecchio in his Naturalis Historia, seems to be around the corner.

Nefertiti grave and Hall of Records have to wait

But as in the case of the grave of Nefertiti so in that of the Hall of Records the Egyptian minister of the Antiquities, Mamdouh el-Damaty, doesn’t seem to wanna give any authorization to dig, before being sure to the 100% of what the archaeologists they give to find.

Regarding Nefertiti we’ll have to wait a few weeks more (a last series of scannings is programmed in late April), while in the case of the Hall of Records, which for some could be in a hollow under the Sphinx, the wait could be longer, also because another ancient writer, Herodotus, claimed in the second book of his Historiae to have visited the Hall of Records and that it was a gigantic underground labyrinth, “a work beyond words” which “surpasses even the pyramids”.

The Hall of Records could have been therefore built by a civilization before that of the ancient Egyptians, perhaps got in contact with ancient alien visitors, and to have been buried from some part in Egypt, forgotten for millennia, but where if not under the Sphinx?

Some signs bring to another pharaoh, Amenemhat III, the most important sovereign of the Middle Kingdom, dead in 1801 b.C. for which, and it is already this one mystery, two pyramids were built, near Dahshur and near Hawara.

Near the second a complex rose that the historian and Egyptian priest Manetone, who lived 1.500 years later Amenemhat III, described as “the Labyrinth called Crocodilopolis” i.e. the city of crocodiles, the modern Medinet el-Fayum.

The Hall of Records
Planimetry with Amenemhat III pyramid and the labyrinth

Well: according to Herodotus the Hall of Records should be “a little above the lake of Moiris and nearly opposite to that which is called the City of Crocodiles”. Could it be the same labyrinth of which Manetone spoke?

Archeologist: we need to dig under the Meride Labyrinth

This is what believes a group of Belgian and Egyptians archaeologists that in 2008 claimed to have discovered the underground level of what, found in 1888, it is today known as the Meride Labyrinth: a work originally composed from over 3 thousand rooms on two floors not too far the pyramid of Amenemhat III and of which few traces remain having been used as stone mine since the Roman era.

After the first announcements, nevertheless, on this discovery the silence has fallen, imposed by the Egyptian authorities, which seem to wanna be sure to be faced with the Hall of Records, whose underground rooms, full of hieroglyphs and paintings, would be able according to some to contain also documents 10,500 years old.

If it was true the history of ancient Egypt and perhaps of the same origins of the human civilization would go rewritten: that’s why the authorities, even more than in the case of the possible grave of Queen Nefertiti, wanna go cautiously?

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