Mussolini and the UFO of Milan (1933)

Mussolini and the Milan Ufo

It’s the June 1933, in Italy Benito Mussolini has been established the Fascist dictatorship for eight years, have just met in Rome the German Minister of the Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, and had just signed a pact with Germany, France, and England to maintain the peace in Europe.

 Without enemies to the inside as well as to the outside, the Fascist regime seems to the apex of its fortune (we know how it ends). Then an evening in Milan something strange and unexpected happens: an “unknown aircraft” (or to call it with modern terms, an “unidentified flying object”, i.e. a UFO) crashed.

A mysterious telegram

A telegram of the Telegraphic office in Milan, having as sender Agenzia Stefani - Milano, explains: “By personal order of the Duce (i.e Mussolini, ed), absolute silence is required about presumed landing on national ground from unknown aircraft STOP Confirm released version of today Stefan dispatched STOP The same version also to personnel and journalists STOP Anticipated max punishment for transgressors up to referral to court STOP”.

The mysterious incident, therefore, seems to have been taken very seriously; what would it be? As journalist and ufologist Roberto Pinotti, already founder of the Centro nazionale ufologico (Cun), referred since 2000, it would have been a real flying saucer, at least according to the analyses that the mysterious group RS/33 would have run on the debris of the unknown aircraft, while the Ovra (i.e. the Fascist secret police) dealt with to cover the story.

Mussolini and the Milan Ufo

The Ahnenerbe comes into play

The Ovra was not able, nevertheless, to prevent that in 1941 the Nazi Gestapo succeeded in getting its hands on the result of the investigations, then to send them to Germany at Ahnenerbe, the organization founded by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth and Walter Darré which was looking for anthropological and cultural evidence of existence, since the ancient times, of a “superior” Aryan breed, but which from the beginnings of World War II started medical and genetic experiments and took the control of the programs of secret weapons development, like the V1s and V2s.

Perhaps the research conducted by the RS/33 group (whose presidency would be designated the famous Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, whom btw would have deserted all the sessions), composed of the astronomer Gino Cecchini, the professors Vallauri, Pirotta, Crocco, Debbasi, Severi, Bottazzi and Giordano and the count Luigi Cozza, on the debris of the mysterious UFO "ante litteram" apparently collected in the hangars of the Macchi aeronautical company, served to the German engineers, who worked under the control of the Ahnenerbe, to develop secret weapons with which the Nazis actually tried to reverse the course of the World War II?

Is the Mussolini UFO just a fake?

If this happened, why the Italian engineers have never been able, with the same information, to produce if only experimental aircraft or rockets able to rival with those of Germany or of the Allies? And what was the end of the UFO? There are many doubts about the whole story, beginning from the same existence of the RS/33 group, which doesn’t result from any official historical document.

The same telegrams shown by Pinotti could be a well-built historical fake, or could be authentic but referring to a more banal aviation accident (an airship or a model of airplane that because of the crash was not immediately identified).

If really a UFO crashed near Milan in 1933, how is it possible that debris of the same, after the WWII, after the fall of the Fascism, have never reappeared, nor did any eyewitnesses or just only people that had heard of the matter who had been involved somehow in the investigations ever come forward?

The Mussolini UFO seems more a ghost UFO than a historical testimony of an accident to an alien vehicle. Yet really the mystery surrounding the whole story keeps on living the hypothesis that, perhaps, in June 1933 near Milan something indeed crashed and it was not an airplane, an airship or a meteor.

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