Is it a Ufo that on French coins of the 17th century?

Ufo on French coins of the 17th century

Periodically resume circulating on the web news related to possible “historical” traces of the presence of alien activity on Earth. This is the case of the famous French coin of 1680.

For fifty years it was regarded by worldwide ufologists as evidence that at least a Ufo in the 17th century appeared in the skies of Europe, so blatantly as to remain imprinted in some coins. If you surf the web you will realize that the news, which returns to circulate from time to time, began to circulate in 2005.

That year Kenneth E. Bressett, former president of the American Numismatic Association and owner of one of these “copper coins”, explained in an interview that it was coined in 1680 in France and on one side showed what for our eyes can certainly look a Ufo that appears in the clouds above a countryside land.

But which can represent the shield of Jupiter or perhaps the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel but, Bressett explained, “after 50 years of research, I have only heard of another exemplary and there is nothing that explains the unusual design”.

Ufo on French coins of the 17th century

The coin was a jeton and no, it's not a Ufo

Bressett already stated that it was not a coin, but a jeton at the time commonly used for educational purposes to teach people how to count money, or sometimes used as a substitute for money in games (a little like the modern fiches).

The size of a quarter dollar, it would have been very similar to that of thousands of other coins produced and used in Europe between the 16th and 17th century, had it not been for the unusual design of the Ufo (or shield, or wheel, or perhaps an allegorical representation of something else).

The copy wich Bressett possessed also had an inscription in Latin, which stated: “OPPORTUNUS ADEST” ie “it’s is here at an opportune time” (the other side of the coin has instead reported the motto, always in Latin, “HAEC FOR YOU AVCTA COLAM” or “let this growth is pleasing to your heart”).

It possibly refers to the rain, but maybe even the appearance “in due time” of a celestial vehicle, mistaken for a sign from God while it was a Ufo? Who knows: for sure the token (the story of which returned to circulate on the web in 2011) had already been described in 1990 in the book “Ufos and extraterrestrials” of J.P. Cave-L. Foreman.

Ufo on French coins of the 17th century

Other similar coins with "mysterious Ufos"

Other copies were later illustrated, very similar yet different: there is a 1656 coin that one side takes the same representation with the mysterious “Ufo” on the other shows an allegorical representation of justice; in a third specimen, dated 1648, shows instead an inverted representation of “Ufo” (which resembles so much more to a shield) and the other side shows the coat of arms of France and Navarre.

Unfortunately, the news, as repeatedly bounced on the web, is very incomplete, and such is never the estimated value of these tokens (just as an example a French coin of 1582 is estimated by the Cgb catalogue of around 250 euro) which remain if not an absolute rarity certainly a nice case of a collectable object with peculiar characteristics, to say the least.

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