UFO seen by Google Earth in Area 51

Ufo seen by Google Earth in Area 51

Google Earth many times revealed secrets that perhaps the world’s governments would want to remain such, but never like this time.

Some times ago the ufologist Scott Waring discovered a historical image showing a strange construction appeared almost out of nowhere in the S4 Area, one of the most secret areas of the famous Area 51.

According to Waring, it would be a hangar built in a hurry to conceal a flying saucer that still finds there, but let’s go in order.

Did Google photograph a UFO hidden in Area 51?

Open Google Earth and past coordinates 36°55'35.30"N 116° 0'25.41"W and you will see that the program will take you to a small airstrip near the Yucca Airstrip, a private airport inside Tonopah Test Range owned by the Department of Energy of the United States but often rented to private companies.

The area was already known since in 2011 an image appeared on Google Maps revealed the presence of some drones (probably of the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator or General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper). The area, moreover, is ideal for flight tests of secret aircraft, or to keep them without too many curious come to check what it is.

Let's go back to Area S4: the coordinates indicated nowadays are noted next to the small paved runway a number of parking areas for aircraft and hangars, the largest of which seems to be linked to four great conditioners.

What can deserve such attention? Go to full-screen mode and click on the date that appears in the lower-left (1998): in this way, Google Earth will show you all the images stored for that location starting precisely from 1998.

Ufo seen by Google Earth in Area 51
The 'spaceship' has been spotted parked under an aircraft hanger
(Source: YouTube/Scott Waring)

Check back the photos of Area 51 on Google Earth

That year the track did not even exist, there was only a small building, probably a guard station, connected to others and to Yucca Airstrip only by a dirt road. At the top left of the screen can you see a bar?

Sliding to the right and you will see gradually the latest images. The runway, dirt, appears only in 2001 when next to the original building began to appear some barracks; in 2005 the runway is paved and appear parking areas for aircraft.

The following year, December 2, 2006, the town is definitely more crowded, have already been asphalted other areas, the barracks were rebuilt further from the original building, and above all have appeared four large air conditioners.

Ufo seen by Google Earth in Area 51
The image has been suspiciously removed from Google Maps, according to conspiracy theorists
(Source: YouTube/Scott Waring)

The hangar that is noticed in the pictures dated 2016 is still under construction and under the cover, you can see a light gray disc that contrasts with the dark-colored asphalt surrounding.

According to Waring is the Ufo which should still be inside the hangar, which in the following photo (taken three years later, October 17, 2009) already appears complete as today. Note that the opening of the hangar, as better shown in a photo taken 14 March 2011, it’s circular.

The mysterious UFO is actually hidden from the hangar or is it a simple optical effect due to a high-contrast picture of a concrete pavement, designed to hold the sliding structure of the circular opening of the hangar? Impossible to tell judging just from the photos, but some Area 51 confirms full of extremely well-kept secrets.

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