Werewolves, mates of man for thousands of years


The stories on wolf men accompany humanity for millennia. If in the Egyptian mythology the wolf god Ap-uat ferried the dead in the afterlife, the Bible speaks of how the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar was driven mad and forced to live as a wild wolf from God, because of his vanity.

But it is with Ovid writer that werewolves fully make their appearance in human history. In his "Metamorphosis" Ovid talks of the king of Arcadia, Licaone, a man so wicked that when Jupiter, disguised as a peasant, went to ask hospitality, to make sure it was really the father of the gods served to his banquet the flesh of his nephew Arcade. Horrified, Jupiter transformed into a ferocious wolf, designed to feed on human flesh.

In the Middle Ages the werewolf begins to be feared and hunted: in 1252 with the papal bull “Ad extirpena”, Pope Innocent IV authorized in addition to the persecution of pagan cults, the hunt for witches and werewolves, so that many of those who were suffering from "brain melancholy" (schizophrenia) ended up burned on the pyre on charges of witchcraft. Born at that time also many popular myths about werewolves, considered devil worshipers.


In all it is estimated that between 1300 and 1600 have been celebrated in Europe about 20,000 werewolves processes, the most famous of which is probably that of Peter Stubbe, inhabitant of Bedburg (near Cologne) accused of killing two pregnant women and thirteen children. Subjected to torture Stubbe said he had received from the devil (was it an alien?) a magic belt, which was never traced, thanks to which he could turn you into a wolf every time he wore it.

Killed and dismembered October 31, 1859, Stubbe, that among the victims also killed one of his children with an ax in the head to be able to extract the brain, was accompanied to the gallows by his partner, Katherine Tropin, and daughter Beel, considered accomplices of the werewolf-killers and therefore burned on the pyre, thus increasing albeit unintentionally the count of his victims.

Note that until relatively recently to become a werewolf was not necessary to be bitten by another werewolf, sufficing quite the magic and the intervention of the devil (again, a hint of an alien intervention?), but sometimes simply due to poisonous plants or a birth took place on Christmas Eve across midnight or Epiphany.

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