Li Ching-yun, the last descendant of Methuselah

Li Ching-yun

According to the Bible, the man who has lived longer on Earth was Methuselah, who was born in 3073 BC and died in 2104 BC at the age of 969 years, seven days before the Flood.

His father Enoch died 365 years old, his grandson Noah died 950 years old, Adam, whose Methuselah was a seventh-generation direct descendant, died at 930 years. Ages which for centuries seem not being able to be reached by humanity, despite medical advances and generally better living conditions.

Biblical longevity and li Ching-Yun

Longevity to justify cuts in many spoke of symbolic dates, of Sumerian mathematics, based sexagesimal and not decimal, of the indication of the lunar months and not of the years, of possible descent from genetic experiments of ancient alien astronauts on terrestrial specimens.

But not everybody knows that in recent times there has been at least one instance, documented, as a man able to live well beyond the 100th anniversary. Was a Chinese, named Li Ching-yun (or Li Ching-yuen), born in 1677 or in 1736 depending on the source and died May 6, 1933, at an age of 197 or 256 years depending on the deemed correct date of birth.

Li Ching-yun

Imperial confirmation of longevity

A confirmation of anyway amazing longevity, in 1827 the Chinese imperial government sent to the then teacher of martial arts and tactic of the imperial army its best wishes for the fulfillment of his 150th birthday.

There are many unbelievers even in this case; however, a few days after his death, a Time article explained that many Chinese people who had known him not only reported to have memories from childhood as an already very old man but to have heard of their grandparents who had also their friend from an early age, while still appearing as an aged man.

Li Ching-yun

Official photos of Li Ching-Yun

Official research carried out by Professor Wu Chung-Chien discovered that Li had 14 to 24 wives and at least 180 direct descendants, everyone still alive in 1928, distributed out of eleven generations. Some official photos of Li also exist.

The last was taken when the Chinese General Yang Sen, fascinated by great longevity and at the same time by the continued strength of Li, invited him to his palace to Wam Xian, in 1927.

He will not come to touch the thousand years, but perhaps also in Li Ching-yun still flowed the “alien blood” that could have kept so long in life Methuselah and his ancestors and descendants.

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