Colonel Halt and Rendlesham Forest incident

Rendlesham Forest

The recent statements by the former colonel of the US Navy, Charles Halt (link), about the possibility that being now expired its commitment to privacy he may make public the information contained in thousands of top-secret documents on Ufo cases that involved US military personnel in the Eighties have brought to memory one of the most famous Ufo sightings in those years, which took place at Rendlesham Forest, just outside the RAF base in Woodbridge, built in 1943 to allow the landing also of aircraft damaged as the bombers returning from raids over Germany, then jointly used until 1993 by the Raf and Usaf, before returning to be used exclusively by Raf.

The incident occurred in Rendlesham Forest in the nights of 26 and 28 December 1980: the first night American soldiers spotted initially a very strong red light from the nearby forest, then a metal object, at the center of a clearing in the forest, which gave off a yellow-white bright light, emitting a blue glow down and a flashing red light at the top. The object then rose up from the ground about a meter and began to move horizontally in a zig zag, before taking off vertically and disappeared from view.


On the night of December 28 the head of the military police of the Us base just warned the (then) Lieutenant Colonel Halt at that time headed the base in place of commander, Colonel Ted Conrad, that the Ufo appeared to be returned. Halt gathered a team and personally led the patrol that, once entered the forest, again saw an object shaped like a red ellipse, darker in the center, floating between the trees at about 4 meters high. This time the Ufo headed a field of a local farmer, at which bright white object split in five and flew up. The air defense told Halt it had not detected any radar traces neither the first nor the second night.

Woodbridge Raf airport

Years later the Usaf never wanted to officially investigate the strange alerting, although according to local press also several civilians observed mysterious lights moving in a zig zag in the sky, those two nights. Hypotheses have been advanced that we were able to treat the first night of a meteor or maybe a police patrol car with modified lights, or, the second night, some light beams of the nearby Orford Ness lighthouse or even the re-entry of a stage of a Russian rocket that was put into orbit a spy satellite (although in this case the lights would have to be seen to fall toward the ground and not to move away in the sky). No explanation has ever convinced of all, who knows what time the Colonel Halt not have anything to add to what became known in his report of the time?

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