Ufo lights spotted over Hythe and Folkestone


English Ministry of Defence said no flares were being used within a radius of 100 kilometers from the military base at Lydd Ranges, last Sunday. Therefore, the flares observed (and spotted) at around 10:30 in the morning over the county of Kent, near the towns of Hythe and Folkestone remain without any official explanation.

The phenomenon has been going on for about thirty minutes before everything returned to normal and many thought could be flares launched by armed forces to illuminate battlefield areas of a possible military exercise, which, however, official sources of the ministry, also reported by the local press, have denied, although confirming that “certain activities” were taking place, which did not include the launch of any rockets or flares.

The incident recalled how the county of Kent has long been one of Britain’s areas where for years are recorded numerous Ufo sightings, especially near the estuary of the Thames and along the coast of the English Channel. Just to mention some of the best known and still unexplained sightings, in July 2008, a Ufo described as a “very bright white light” was spotted over Cervia Way in Gravesend; in the same year another ufo, a “bright light that changed shape before moving off at speed” was spotted by a group of friends over Thanet, while a mysterious yellow light, fairly low in the sky, was seen over Rainham.

Moreover: in 2012 in the sky across Gravesend and Dartford were reported “bright lights being chased by military fighter jets”, while in 2013 other bright Ufos were reported over Medway (a low-flying light in the shape of a triangle) and over Canterbury (where three “very low, very bright” lights performed “acrobatics”). Last but not least, in 2014 a strange bright white light was spotted while hovering over Sevenoaks.

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