Ufos: Colonel Halt ready to reveal the truth

Charles Halt
Charles Halt

If it were to be true it would be sensational. A former officer of the Us Navy, retired Colonel Charles Halt, who claimed that his confidentiality agreement with regard to the US government’s activities expired in October 2014, promised to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret files on Ufo cases that involved military personnel in the Eighties which the former officer claims to have read.

Halt worked at the Naval Telecommunications Center within Nas Moffett Field from February 1986 to October 1989 and by first impressions it would seem to be a “genuine” insider. “At this point in my life – explained Halt - I would like to share my knowledge hoping that someone will be able to use it effectively towards disclosure” on thousands of top-secret Ufos and Et files” which he claims to have seen.

Charles Halt
Charles Halt at the conference

Halt said he was given Ts Sbi/Esi Nato/Siop, Compartmental Security Clearance, i.e. top secret clearance for working in Special Background Investigation, Single Integrated Operation Plan, Exceptionally Sensitive Information and with Nato. During his service his team also had an employee transferred from a joint communication station Us / Great Britain North of London where he had worked for a dozen years.

This man would have said to Halt it was an National Security Agency (Nsa)/UK facility tasked with tracking Ufo, including Rendalsham Forest Incident. Always this employee would have explained that Ufos and extraterrestrials were real and that he hoped the truth would emerge “in my lifetime” since he was around 60 years old at the time. In short, expectations are high: will Halt bring irrefutable evidence of what he says, or will simply declare that he saw “hot” documents without showing them? In the coming months should come first answers.

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