Alien invasion, the Earth could defend itself?

Alien invasion

The Earth is ready to face an alien invasion, if it ever happen? Have questioned it the authors of the Curiosity program, aired for the first time by the Discovery Channel in 2011 in America and since then regularly also by Focus channel on the Italian DTT.

Curiosity, the brainchild of the founder and former president of Discovery, producer John Hendrick (who after his retirement in 2014 founded a video-on-demand service, Curiosity Stream), has been considered together with Planet Earth and Life one of the most revolutionary series of the American television network; originally it should have been composed of 12 episodes monthly distribution of 5 seasons for a total of 60 episodes, but the project has seen only a first season of 16 episodes, followed by a second of 13 episodes, then stopping at 29 episodes.

In the episode dedicated to a possible alien invasion, presented by the American actress Michelle Rodriguez (who also gave voice to some video game characters like in Call of Duty and in Halo) they try to figure out whether the Earth is ready for a possible alien invasion, idea that may seem absurd because it seems absurd the idea of aliens on our planet, yet the idea that alien life exists in the universe is anything but absurd as confirms professor Michio Kuko remembering that in the Milky Way galaxy alone there are about 100 billion stars and a telescope can observe at least a billion galaxies.

Alien invasion

A possible alien invasion probably would see a global strike, because it would not make sense to attack single countries since for the aliens would all be basically identical. Because probably they would preserve our biosphere, they could attack what humanity depends on but not the rest of the biosphere, ie the technology. But humanity would be able to react? Certainly we could groped to launch missiles, but what kind? Many might think of nuclear missiles, but use them in space would result in a problem.

Upon the earth a nuclear explosion creates a shock wave inside which temperatures reach levels close to those of the Sun, able to pulverize all what is located in the blast radius. But in space there is not the atmosphere to act as a conductor for the shock wave to, so the effect is much smaller. We may resort to the ultra powerful laser beams, but such weapons are currently far distant from the efficiency envisioned by Star Treek screenwriters.

Ultimately, only if all of the world's governments reacted coordinating efforts we might have a chance, however slight, against a race who having traveled the universe up to the Earth has already proven to be technologically far superior. We can only hope that such “travelers” are motivated by less aggressive intentions than those shown by Europeans after the discovery of America, or that they place great emphasis on biodiversity in the universe.

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