Top 10 cancer-causing foods

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    White flour: after the refining white flour not only loses most of its nutritional value, but is also bleached with chlorine gas, a highly irritant glycemic gas which is one of the preferred fuel source for cancer.
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    Popcorn: sometimes they are treated with perfluorooctanoic acid (Pfoa), which can cause female infertility, as well as significantly increase the risk of cancer to kidneys, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicles.
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    Artificial sweeteners: they can make it harder to control the level of blood sugar. Also aspartame, when decomposed, becomes a toxin called diketopiperazine (Dkp), known to cause brain cancer.
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    Alcohol: it favors the development of cancers of the mouth, esophagus, liver, colon and rectum. In women, after menopause, even take an alcoholic drink a day increases risk of breast cancer by 30%.
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    Sweetened soft drinks and candy: as well as aiding the development of tooth decay, increase the risk of cancers of the blood, because the fructose content in corn syrup is easily metabolized by cancer cells.
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    Processed meat: the majority of salami contains an excess of sodium nitrate and carcinogenic agents (especially in roasted meats) which increases the risk of cancer of 43%.
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    Smoked foods, marinated and stir: they often contain nitrates that are transformed into N-nitroso compounds, which carries high risks of cancer when digested. In smoked meats there is a high fat content which can promote stomach cancer and colon-rectum.
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    French fries: the high greases and calories promotes weight gain and with the trans-grease and high-sodium form a recipe for cancer and heart disease.
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    Farmed fish (especially salmons): they are grown rapidly with unnatural diets rich in antibiotics, pesticides, mercury and other carcinogenic chemicals, which means that they aren’t exactly the best fish you could eat.
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    Hydrogenated Oils: vegetable oils, such as margarine, are chemically treated to change the smell, color and taste. Often they’re packed with unhealthy omega-6 fats, that lengthen the time of food preservation, but are likely to shorten your life.

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