Indian Air Force shot donwn an Ufo

Indian Air Force shot donwn an Ufo

Indian Air Force (Iaf) doesn’t joke: to the second Ufo sighting confirmed by radar in just ten days decided to take off its fighters and shoot down the unidentified flying object. The story is going around the world but what's behind it exactly? Let's find out together. First of all, January 14, above Mumbai, there was a first sighting of two Ufos that were hovering over the runway of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

In that case were two blue balloons although it was not identified those who had launched in the air, since the Indian Meteorological Department (Imd) denied any link, having never used blue-coloured weather balloons. This episode has a recent precedent: in May last year, five Ufos were spotted flying over the same Mumbai airport but after a few days it was found that they were helium balloons that promoted a cricket tournament organized by a Surad-based diamonds trading company.

For that episode arrests were made and the Directorate-general of civil aviation (Dgca) sent a letter to the Mumbai International Airport Private Ltd to pursue a criminal case against the organizers. The episode has raised many controversy because the Dgca is responsible for clearances to any vehicle, including balloons, model airplane and drones, but apparently can’t always check that the laws are respected.

Indian Air Force shot donwn an Ufo
Indian military while looking the remains of the balloon

So January 26 (the Republican Day for India) an Indian Air Force radar has spotted a new Ufo balloon shaped over Barmer, were scrambled a Sukhoi-30 that shot down the balloon, which revealed to be a US made helium-filled balloon with “Happy Birthday” written on it, which had come in from Pakistan. Ufologists were rather disappointed by the continuing “false alarms”, but given the recent terrorist attacks many Indians breathed a sigh of relief after the reaction of Iaf.

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