Litvinenko “probably” murdered on orders of Putin

Aleksandr Litvinenko and Vladimir Putin
Aleksandr Litvinenko and Vladimir Putin

Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in 2006 in London from radioactive poisoning by polonium-210, probably on the order of a former colleague, the current Russian President Vladimir Putin. Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian secret service Fsb specialized in the fight against organized crime, had “burned” in November 1998 when with other colleagues had publicly accused some officers of Fsb of having ordered the assassination of Russian tycoon and oligarch Boris Berezovsky, formerly loyalists of Boris Yeltsin and then Putin opponent.

According to Litvinenko, who once in London saw some of his books of complaint funded by the same Berezovsky, Putin was just the “mentor” of the clique of Fsb; Russian President would also approved a series of bombings in Russia that caused about 300 victims and were attributed to Chechens, through which it was possible to justify in the eyes of public opinion a military intervention.

The story seems to weight the novels by Ian Fleming or John le Carré, since to kill Litvinenko, according to the findings of the official British inquiry, would be Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun, two Russians for which Moscow has never extradited, suspected of having acted under the direction of the Fsb led by General Nikolai Patrushev, current National Security Advisor, coincidentally named by the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin as the successor of the same Vladimir Putin in 1999. The same Boris Berezovsky made a tragic end, having died “apparently” suicide (or “committed suicide”?) also in London, in 2013.

Aleksandr Litvinenko
Aleksandr Litvinenko before and after exposure to radiation

If London seems one of the most “infiltrated” city by agents of the Fsb, why Litvinenko decided to settle there? First, because he hoped to go to the British intelligence service, but 007 of Her Majesty seems to have declined; then because the original destination was Italy where lived his brother Maxim. Italy however, according to the former head of Litvinenko, General Anatoly Trofimov, would, with Germany, be the country most infiltrated by the Fsb to the point that even the former prime minister, Romano Prodi, could be considered one of “their man".

Mario Scaramella
Mario Scaramella

Revelations, the latter, that the same Litvinenko would have done more to Mario Scaramella consultant to the Mitrokhin Commission called to investigate a network of arms depots and radio stations created by the Kgb in Italy (all actually found) to be activated if there had been a Right coup. Scaramella is a singular character, also finished in the middle of some investigation for arms trafficking and the creation of dossiers on members of the center as the same Prodi, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio and Antonio Bassolino.

The meeting of Litvinenko and Scaramella will took place in London, in a sushi restaurant near Piccadilly, only two weeks before the death of former Russian agent, so that Scaramella was then subjected to analysis to determine if it was exposed to polonium -210. Something on the issue and its implications could perhaps Italian know past premier Silvio Berlusconi, who was successor of Romano Prodi at Palazzo Cihigi, has always declared himself “friend” of Vladimir Putin. Certainly it seems curious that the whole affair has resurfaced now that Vladimir Putin is trying to get out of the quagmire of Ukraine with a decisive military action in Syria in support of the friendly regime of Bashar Assad and against Isis. Maybe it’s all a game of shadows?

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