Ufo: the Clinton joke or believe?

Hillary Clinton and Alien
Hillary Clinton in a montage with an alien

The Clinton truly believe into existence of Ufos? In America there are questions on the matter after Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, former New York senator and former Secretary of State during the first Obama administration, now considered the most likely Democratic candidate for the race to replace the same Barack Obama, during a meeting at the preparation of the Conway Daily Sun after having answered serious questions regarding foreign policy and the economy, chatted with a reporter (Daymond Steer) who had asked her about Ufos in 2007, with a smile and seemed to have fun discussing the topic replayed with enthusiasm: “Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it”.

Back in 2007, Clinton had said that the most important topic of freedom-of-information requests that her husband (the former president Bill Clinton), received at his library was Ufos. Last year the same Bill Clinton hosted in the Tv late-night show of Jimmy Kimmel said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Earth is visited by aliens, since so many planets in the universe may support life. Then adding, sly, that he just hoped they would not be “like in Independence Day”.

Bill Clinton and Aliens
Bill Clinton during an interview about aliens

Abut Area 51 Clinton said that he had reviewed government information and that it an area where stealth technology is made, but where there are no aliens, adding at the anniversary of the supposed Roswell crash (in 1947), he released all the documents he could on the subject, since he knew there would be popular demand. Kimmel also gets a public promise that the former president would reveal the existence of aliens to the nation if he had found that in the documents examined.

The announcement is not gone, but Hillary Clinton has also “confessed” to Steer that aliens may have already visited our planet. “We don’t know for sure” noted Clinton, adding that if elected “maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51” so to to live up to the promise already made by her husband. The question is of course: Hillary Clinton on the subject “jokes” as would have done her husband years before? Or she knows something that can not yet reveal? Curiously, a few days after this interview in America are also returned to circulate rumors that the former president John Kennedy have been killed by the Cia for wanting to know too much on the subject of Ufos. Another joke or a veiled warning to Clinton to joke with knaves but let go Ufos and their secrets?

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