Ufo sighting on Prince Edward Island


After one year and a half of exams Mufon experts seem to have no doubts: the footage on the sighting of a Ufo by a man camping with his wife at Kensington, on Prince Edward Island in the Canadian Maritime region of Canada’s eastern coast, taken at 11.30 pm on June 2014, would be authentic and would testify “one of the best Ufo sightings” ever occurred in the region.

The man, the Canadian videographer John Sheppard, said from the beginning to be convinced that bright Ufos (since there were actually two Ufos at one point) appearing to hover off the coast of Prince Edward Island were not an common plane or a drone or helicopter. Now even the experts of Mufon are convinced that what appears in the movie is an Ufo that can’t be explained as a natural phenomenon or identified as an human vehicle.

One of the few UFO confirmed cases

The footage from Sheppard on Prince Edward Island would then be “one of the few confirmed (Ufo) cases” and despite all the efforts made (including the use of Stellarium software to verify that it was not a star or planet or satellite known) so far there is an immediate explanation of what it is that which appears in the footage.

It could not even be a drone since it was very windy that night since the drones have a battery that runs out relatively quickly and since two lights appeared at the same point. In the end, what was shot can only be described as a Ufo, an unidentified flying object, full-blown. Who knows if it had human or alien origin.

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