The wow signal was from two comets?

wow signal
The “wow signal”

The famous “wow signal” recorded for 72 seconds from the BigEar radio telescope of the Ohio University 15 August 1977 (the name comes from what the astronomer Jerry Ehman wrote next to the paper readout of recording) and always considered to come from a point in the Sagittarius constellation, near the star Tau Sagittarii, that is about 122 light years from Earth? It would not have been emanated from an extraterrestrial civilization, but from two comets.

That at least is what Professor Antonio Paris, associate of astronomy for the St. Petersburg College in Florida, as well as an astronaut candidate for the project for suborbital missions Possum (Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere) supported by the Nasa’s Flight Opportunities Program, said in these days after discovering two comets that in 1977 were not yet known. The two comets according to Paris were that day in the right position and thanks to their halo of hydrogen may have unleashed energy of the right wavelength.

Antonio Paris
Professor Antonio Paris

To tell the truth, however, Paris did not state with certainty that 266P / Christensen and P / 2008 Y2 (Gibbs), these two comets, may be the only possible cause of the signal and instead invited to put them under observation in order to find once and for all the right answer to the question: the “Wow signal” was natural or artificial?

For those who believe that this was a first signal sent to us, voluntarily or otherwise, by an extraterrestrial civilization this is enough: you can keep believing. Meanwhile if aliens from Tau Sagittarii were kind enough to send a new signal it would be even better. Never say never.

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