Coronavirus - cover

Coronavirus: according to Anonymous, China lies

Coronavirus continues to claim victims: according to the latest data provided by the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC), deaths have now risen to 305 and cases of infection have been confi…

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Fengdu Ghost City Cover

Fengdu, a two thousand year old ghost town

The oldest ghost town in the world is located in China: it is Fengdu. Fengdu is traditionally considered the gateway to Diyu, the Taoist purgatory.

Diyu, the Taoist purgatory

Diyu, or underworld…

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Hachiko and Fido two faithful dogs

Hachiko and Fido, two lifelong faithful dogs

Many people know the film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, directed in 2009 by the Swedish director Lasse Hallström and interpreted, among others, by Richard Gere. The film worldwide grossed nearly $ 47 mil…

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