Are there any secret alien bases on our planet?

Pine Gap
The inaccessible community of Pine Gap, Australia

Skeptics about the possibility that life exists in the universe outside of the Earth are used to mention the Fermi paradox: "If there are so many evolved civilizations, why have we not yet received evidence of extraterrestrial life such as radio signal transmissions, probes or space ships?".

According to some people, the answer may be as simple as it is disturbing: because such evidence has been duly concealed.

But in an increasingly supervised and interconnected world, is it possible to conceal the presence of alien bases or testimonies of "third type" encounters, occurred throughout human history? Even if it seems incredible, the answer could be: yes, it is possible.

Night Mission in Ladakh

Are there alien bases in unreachable areas like Ladakh?

There are still remote areas of the planet, difficult to reach and often very well monitored, where it would be possible to hide the presence of secret bases that hold alien secrets. In Ladakh (India), near the border with China, over 150 UFO sightings were reported in the last few months of 2012.

The Times of India spoke of "yellowish lights that appear on the horizon and cross the sky for 3-4 hours and then disappear". The Indian government opened an investigation to verify whether they were Chinese military vehicles, but after a short time closed the investigation, without further explanation. Ladakh is however only one of the inaccessible places where UFOs with alien crews could possibly remain hidden.

The depths of the Grand Canyon hide a secret

Another could be hidden in one of the most visited places in the world, the Grand Canyon. In 1909 two archaeologists, professors S.A. Jordan and G.E. Kincaid, funded by the Smithsonian, claimed to have found in a cave carved into the rock an underground city full of tombs, artifacts and skeletal remains of a prehistoric population, which seemed to have traits very similar to those of ancient Egypt, complete with hieroglyphics and mummies.

Smithsonian archaeologists went to the scene to verify the statements of the two colleagues, but at the end of the scientific investigation the site was closed to the public and the cave sealed, and the access is still forbidden.

Gran Canyon
Some of the artifacts found in the caves of the Grand Canyon

The legend of the humanoids living underground

The discovery was never mentioned again: why did the Smithsonian never want to talk about it again? In Native American legends, we refer to strange humanoids that would inhabit underground cities and that would save man from a natural catastrophe that threatened to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

Such legends were not only widespread in North America but now one wonders: did these stories serve to protect man or rather to keep the existence of alien bases secret?

Elsewhere, for example in Latin America, the archaeological evidence of possible alien contacts seems even more evident, as in the case of the sarcophagus of the Pakal tomb, named after Maya lord lived in the second half of the 600 after Christ to whom it was dedicated.

Gran Canyon
Crypts with Ā«strangeĀ» mummified bodies found in the Grand Canyon

From the Mayan centones to the German erdstalls

According to some, the decorations of the sarcophagus depict the pilot of a space vehicle: where could the Mayan artists have seen it? Throughout Yucatan, there are numerous underwater caves, called "cenotes" (tzonoot in archaic Maya), considered sacred by the Mayans who thought through them that they could communicate and travel in the underworld.

And if instead of being ways of communication with the gods, the cenotes had allowed contacting alien beings? Europe is also rich in caves and underground pipes.

The "erdstall" (in German literally "place under the ground") are so numerous that the exact number has never been calculated, as it has not been ascertained what these tunnels have served in the past.

One of them in particular, the "Freiburg tunnel", was discovered in 2011 under a farm that for many resembles that where a UFO would have crashed in 1936.

Pine Gap
The hyper-protected Pine Gap community

The mysterious white discs of Pine Gap

Another site difficult to reach, Pine Gap, in the desert of Australia, founded in 1970 as a satellite monitoring station and jointly managed by the Australian and US military, it is said to extend underground for over 8 kilometers.

What happens to you has always been wrapped in secrecy, even if the inhabitants of the area have repeatedly reported curious "white discs" about ten meters wide, flying over the base area. Are UFOs alien or man-made vehicles, perhaps with the assistance of alien technology present in the base?

Surprising evidence came quite unexpectedly on March 15, 1991, when the Space Shuttle Discovery was flying over the area and his cameras filmed a gigantic UFO that was flying over Australia at a great height at an estimated speed of 80 thousand kilometers per hour.

Could it be that this UFO is a product of Pine Gap's experiments and in case you exploit technology provided by aliens present in the base? Even more evident evidence of the presence of aliens on earth would have been found in the base of Dulce, in New Mexico (USA), but that's a whole other story.

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