Man from Taured - cover

The mysterious man from Taured: was an interdimensional traveler?

Everybody knows hat airports can be magical places, sometimes even scary like the Denver Airport. But the story of the man from Taured once stopped at Toko Airport is truly incredible.

The man from Taured stopped at Tokyo

In July 1954, at the Haneda Airport (Tokyo), during the customs checks, a middle-aged, Caucasian-looking traveler who got off a plane from Europe and stated to have come on a business trip, was stopped for a check.

So far, quite normal, but when customs officials examined his passport, they noticed the writing “Taured Passport” on the cover. The country was unknown to the officials, yet the document appeared authentic and presented stamps of previous trips to various European countries as well as of the Tokyo airport itself.

Taured Andorra

Taured had to be in place of Andorra

When officials asked the man, who spoke fluent French as well as other European languages and basic Japanese, to indicate this country on a map, he turned his attention between France and Spain but went on a rampage not finding Taured marked on the map, despite being Taured, in his opinion, a nation that had existed for at least a thousand years. At its place, he found, instead, the Principality of Andorra, which he declared he had never heard of.

The traveler, more and more impatient, was then asked to show other documents, which he did: but also identity cards, driving licenses, and insurance apparently had been issued by an elusive United Kingdom of Taured. The man also stated that he had never had similar problems in all his previous business trips around the world.

No response despite the man's documents

Increasingly intrigued, Japanese officials asked the traveler which company he worked for but once contacted the company claimed not to know this person, although many documents and certificates that the man brought with him showed the opposite. The same happened when they verified what his business appointments would be: the alleged Japanese contacts denied having ever set up a meeting with the mysterious traveler.

Then the man asked to go to his hotel to rest, but the hotel itself, contacted by phone, denied that there was a reservation on behalf of the traveler as he stated instead. At that point, customs officers called the police who took the man into custody by transferring him into a room for the night, guarded by two agents waiting for the man to be interrogated the following day by national security agents specialized in espionage cases.

Taured passport artwork

Are we facing an interdimensional traveler?

The man offered no resistance and simply asked for a headache pill, then threw himself on the bed, exhausted. The next morning the team of national security agents who would interrogate the mysterious passenger arrived, but when the room was opened the man had disappeared, despite the two agents asserting that nobody had approached and the man had never asked to go out.

Even the traveler's belongings had disappeared from the room, which in addition to the door had as its only way out a window (found closed) that overlooked a crowded street. Impossible to think of an escape from the window, given the height at which the room was located.

The case remained without any explanation that was not to think of the number of some illusionist (but no one ever claimed it) and not even the requests made by the Japanese airport authorities to officials of the various airports whose stamps appeared on the traveler's passport landed on nothing.

Someone thus began to put forward the hypothesis that the man of Taured may have been a traveler from another dimension, a parallel universe, in which instead of the Principality of Andorra there was the United Kingdom of Taured, which for some reason it had materialized among us before disappearing as mysteriously as it had appeared. Or, alternatively, that the whole story was nothing but a successful creepypasta. But in this case, why have the Japanese authorities never denied it?