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The secret of hidden hand

New year, new revelations. We had already told you about the code of hands of secret societies, now we want to bring attention to the “hidden hand”.

The “hidden hand” is a Masonic recognition signal that accomplishes those who have reached the Royal Arch degree (the 13th degree of the Scottish rite, or the 7th degree in the York Rite), also known as “Mason of the Secret”.

The meaning of the hidden hand

Like many other signs of this type, it goes easily unnoticed, unless the person who does it is not a full-blown Mason as it was in the case of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Napoleone Bonaparte.

Mozart Bonaparte hidden hand

In Freemasonry up to the degree prior to the Royal Arch, affiliates are called confreres, from that degree on they are called companions and begin to have access to exhaustive explanations on the mysteries of the Masonic order to which they belong (including the real name of God, that would be Jahbulon).

Illustrious Masons posed

The surprising thing is how often illustrious men in the past have had their portrait (or more recently photographed) posing with their “hidden hand” in plain sight.

Marx Antonelli Stralin hidden hand

Karl Marx, George Washington, Mozart, general Lafayette, Salomon Rothschild, Joseph Stalin, Simon Bolivar, Freiherr Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig Knigge (German writer belonging to the Illuminati) and the cardinal Giacomo Antonelli (1806-1876, he was Secretary of State under Pio IX) have all been historical characters portrayed in this pose.

The cases of Pope Francesco and Berlusconi

Less known is the fact that this same gesture was made on more than one occasion by world personalities who are not officially Freemasons (but according to some). Among them, the then Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francesco), who recently seemed to make some openings towards the Masons.

Bergoglio Berlusconi hidden hand

But also the former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, then the grandmaster Gioele Magaldi revealed in his book “Freemasons unlimited liability company” having entered Freemasonry as an apprentice mason in 1978 (the same year in which according to Magaldi the former President of the Republic, Sergio Napolitano), was affiliated was sometimes photographed in such a pose. Over the years, in fact, Berlusconi would rise in rank up to create his own lodge, the Lodge of the Dragon.

Just a misunderstanding or is there any truth?

Will it all be true and the lodges belonging to these world leaders are the real secret societies that control the progress of the world economy and politics, or are they just misunderstandings and fantasies? To you the judgment, also based on the photos we showed you.

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