Raelians: life on Earth had an alien origin

Claude Vorilhon, aka Raël, Raelism founder
Claude Vorilhon, aka Raël, Raelism founder

Do you feel uncomfortable with"classic" religions? Starting from some decades you have many other alternatives on which to pour your faith, if not in the supernatural in the possibility that there exist in the universe other forms of life and civilization more advanced than human.

Raelism  movement, founded by Claude Vorilhon, former French sports journalist who in 1973 decided to rename himself Rael claiming to have had a meeting of the first type on December 13 of that same year near the crater of an extinct volcano near Clermont-Ferrand, Puy de Lassolas, in central France, believes that life on Earth has had an alien origin, following a direct "panspermia" like the one in which Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize in medicine, seemed to have long believed.


The revealing encounter took place with an extraterrestrial humanoid, an alien named Yahweh, who revealed to Rael that life on Earth was brought by the Elohim.


According to Vorilhon/Rael and his followers, the "revealing" encounter took place with an extraterrestrial humanoid, an alien named Yahweh (which corresponds to the Hebrew name of God), who would have revealed to Vorillhom / Rael that life on Earth was brought by the Elohim (another term that appears in the Old Testament as a plural of Eloah to refer to what is divine).

The Raelians and those who came from heaven

This name for the Raelians refers to "those who came from Heaven", that is, it refers to UFOs piloted by humanoid aliens able to master terraforming, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology techniques.

All things that, to an uninitiated could remember those described by Douglas Adams in his famous "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", which however was published in 1979 and therefore, if anything, could have been inspired by the doctrines of the Raelians and not vice versa.

A meeting of Raelians

In addition, Yahweh would have revealed to Vorilhon/Rael that the Elohim have contacted around forty people throughout human history to act as their messengers on Earth, including Moses, Elia, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Jesus, but also Mohammed, Mahavira, Buddha, Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon movement) and Bahá'u'lláh (founder of Bahá'í faith).

Religions, misrepresentation of an ancient alien contact

As if to say that all the great religions of the world would be a misrepresentation, or if you prefer a derivative, of those truths that the Raelian movement proclaims.

This is a way of witnessing how all men are "children of God", whatever name you want to attribute to the God in question, and confirming how absurd the wars and racial hatred that have constantly marked human history.

Model of the Raelian embassy to welcome the Elohim
Model of the Raelian embassy to welcome the Elohim

On this, we can only agree, while on the other beliefs of the Raelian movement, from "Geniocracy" up to support for the development of cloning techniques and genetically modified organisms, the discussion seems destined to remain decidedly more open, also in the future.

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