The ghost of the Remèr's Campiello in Venice

The ghost of the Remèr's Campiello in Venice

Ghosts, witches and creatures of the night have always populated the dreams, or better the nightmares, of men since ancient times. But is it possible that really some spirit remains trapped in a plane of existence that is no longer the earthly one?

Italy, a country of ghosts and legends

If there are many ghost stories in America and Europe that stimulate the activity of more or less professional ghost hunters, it is in Italy country full of castles, churches and palaces from the medieval or ancient Rome period, where these paranormal manifestations abound, perhaps just waiting to be explained from a scientific point of view.

Dozens are the legends handed down on haunted places, apparitions and presences of spirits that no longer belong to this world and yet they cannot completely separate themselves from it.

In one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Venice, the number of ghosts seems particularly high and given the history of the former maritime republic and its rich and powerful families this is not surprising.

The ghost of Remèr's campiello in Venice

Fosco Loredan, jealous and violent husband

It is told, in particular, that in the seventeenth century an exponent of the noble Loredan family (still today among the richest in the city), Fosco Loredan, became the protagonist of a story of passion, violence and death. Married to Elena, one of the daughters of the brother of doge Marino Grimani, he became jealous to the point of madness.

An evening the doge, passing near the Remèr's campiello, saw Donna Elena run away, screaming in fear, pursued by her husband Fosco who thus addressed the Doge: “Stand aside! This woman betrayed me!"

Poor Elena replied: "It's not true! He is gnawed by jealousy because I know a young man who could almost be my son!" The doge, who had already unsheathed his sword, promised Fosco not to resort to arms if he had left his beautiful wife alone when Fosco he shouted: "Look behind you!".

The doge barely had time to turn his gaze that Fosco cut off Grimani's niece's head . Grimani barely restrained himself from doing the same thing with the exoricide, which begged him to leave it in life.

The ghost of Remèr's campiello in Venice

The Pope did not forgive Fosco who threw himself into the Grand Canal

On the other hand, the doge ordered him: "Take Elena's body, load it on your shoulders and his head in your hand, you will not abandon her by day or night and you will take her to the Pope in Rome. He will decide your destiny".

Fosco Loredan did so: he loaded his wife's body on his shoulders and with her head in his handleft for Rome, but after five months of traveling (during which we do not know what happened to him the corpse), once arrived in Rome, he was not even received by the Pope, horrified at the horrendous crime.

Fosco could do nothing but return to Venice, go to the Remèr campiello and throw himself into theGrand Canal, where he had killed his wife, letting himself drown.

Since then, more than one witness has stated that on the anniversary of the violent made of blood the ghost without peace of Fosco Loredan reappears, rising from the waters of the Grand Canal, still holding the head of the unfortunate blonde consort in his hand.

Only legends, phenomena of collective hallucination, or really the ghost of the jealous nobleman still remains tied to his Venice, as if it were a modern version, in spite of himself, of Othello?

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