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Roswell, a truth kept long hidden

It was the night between 3 and 4 July 1947 when something crashed in the desert of New Mexico 120 km from the then-unknown town of Roswell.

The most famous case of “UFO incident” had just been born.

Usaf: Roswell incident was linked to the Mogul Project

But there is a small detail: for Us Air Force (Usaf) it would not have been a UFO (unidentified flying object), much less of extraterrestrial origin, but of the Mogul 4, that is the fourth balloon intended to carry ultra-sensitive high-altitude microphones to capture any Soviet nuclear explosions.

All this, however,W. W. Mac Brazel,a local farmer, could not have known it the next morning when he discovered and reported to the police authorities a series of scrap metal on his land. Unusual scrap, because they are made of metal plates, bars, and latex.

Roswell - newspaper

Intense UFO activity reported on the area

It was already some days that other breeders had reported some mysterious “flying saucers.” When Brazel led the local sheriff, George Wilcox, accompanied by an undercover soldier, to view the remains found, he drafted a report in which he spoke of debris belonging to an “object of unknown origin.

On 8 July 1947, it was the Roswell Army Air Field to issue a statement that spoke of the finding “of an unidentified flying object” by military personnel. The choice of the term was, according to the theorists of the alien conspiracy, very much indicative of the fact that it was not, as it would have been argued later, a balloon, however secret, but a real alien vehicle.

It was a hurried or revealing statement?

Those who believe that “the Roswell incident” is only a colossal blunder judge the choice of the term imprudent because then the statement was taken up by the press that began to talk about flying saucer, effectively creating the most famous case of alleged “UFO incident” of history.

The remaining was done by the US Air Force, which for years continued to support it was a simple weather balloon. It admitted that it was instead one of the Moguls only many years later after the Cold War ended. Note that due to the secrecy of the Mogul Project the Roswell Army Field staff could not recognize what the wreckage belonged to.

Roswell Ufo Museum

Mogul, a top-secret project

The Moguls themselves underwent a series of modifications: having to carry the microphones to 14 thousand meters of height, a height that at that time could not be reached by any other type of aircraft, initially 100 meter long clusters of probe balloons were used, to then use giant polyethylene balloons.

In both cases, the goal was to keep the microphones at high altitude for a long period, but this led to a series of observations that are difficult to explain by those who were not aware of the details of the secret project.

Alien corpses or terrestrial mannequins?

The Mogul 4, ie the one whose returns would be found at Roswell, would have been launched a month earlier from the Alamogordo base.Alamogordo base. The explanation given concerning the alleged alien corpses that would have been found among the debris, and secretly transported by the US Air Force, appear more controversial.

The authorities claimed that the remains of mannequins used in another “top secret” project called Operation High Dive, with which the USAF sought to experiment with rescue systems for its pilots in the event of high-altitude accidents, allegedly remained. Too bad that this program would have started only three years after “the Roswell incident.”

operation high dive dummies

A cold war case

You know, over time the witnesses may have superimposed two events in reality far apart over time. By the way, this coincidence appears singular. For sure it has now been officially admitted that the American authorities carried out an operation to cover the truth, at the time of the facts.

If all this happened to protect a military secret in the middle of the cold war, as the USAF maintains today, rather than the discovery of something of extraterrestrial origin, as most of the world ufologists continue to believe, there remains a big question mark.