brighton ghost loves guitars

Paranormal: in Brighton a ghost loves guitars (video)

A music store in Brighton (England) has suddenly become famous among the paranormal fans.

The store itself(“Guitars, keyboards and amplifiers” is its sign) is a small boutique of musical instruments, so far insignificant, as there are thousands of them in England.

Paranormal in Brighton rhymes with music

At one point, as the salesmen have stated, strange and very suspicious phenomena have begun to occur. Involuntary movements of goods and objects, or inexplicable "cold touches" experienced by salesmen and customers.

Initially, nobody attributed too much importance to these events, thinking that everything depended on fatigue or distraction. But some time ago a CCTV camera, at night, when no one was in the store, recorded a curious phenomenon. You can see it for yourself in the video.

Camera records paranormal event

In the video you can see some guitars hanging along the wall that spontaneously begin to move, then a price tag that falls on the floor. It could be just drafts, except that the store no ventilation and that the windows at night are closed.

Yet from the images it would seem like someone “touch” the musical instruments for then “throw away” the price tag. Is it a ghost or a spiteful poltergeist?

Or is it trivially an attempt to talk about the store and get publicity? Yet with the exception of a few rock hunter ghost hunters it will be difficult for sales to increase significantly.

Brighton 1888

A musical history precedent

By doing some research we then discovered a historical precedent. In 1888 the spouses Smith, members of the Sppr UK (Society for psychotherapy research UK), sent to Brighton to inspect some suspected cases, witnessed an inexplicable event. An event that happened in the house where they lived for 13 months and where there were already numerous other paranormal events.

On the evening of December 15, 1888, Mrs. Smith prayed in the parlor, while her husband was lying down in the next room.

Suddenly a guitar hanging on the wall began to play musical notes, always the same three, over and over again. Perhaps it was the same ghost or poltergeist who has now gone on to try the guitars of the music store over a century later?

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