UFOs sightseeing over Dundrum video

UFOs over the skies of Ireland or is it just SpaceX?

After a few years of relative calm, UFO sightings on the skies of Europe, from Italy to Ireland, seem to be on the rise again.

In Ireland, in particular, in recent months there have been numerous reports and videos that have begun to circulate on the internet causing a certain sensation.

UFOs over the skyes of Ireland

Among the most interesting “accidents” there is the sighting of a series of incredible “unidentified flying objects” (i.e. UFOs) that on 8 September 2018 literally filled the sky over Dundrum. This incredible event was videotaped by an eyewitness and has quickly become an “hit” over the web weith over one million views. Guardate voi stessi.

According to many ufologists, one or more alien UFOs would have entered the frame, although no one has so far put forward hypotheses on the reasons for this new passage over the skies of Ireland. According to the author of the impressive video the UFOs appeared from nowhere and stayed on top of the houses for a while, after which they started moving.

Low altitude and synchronous movements

It would seem that they flew at a relatively low altitude, which naturally struck the witness who had never seen anything like it before in his life. According to him, the mysterious lights seemed to interact with each other. But the thing that most struck the boy is that the alleged alien spacecraft remained visible for several hours.

ufo video dundrum

The author of the video also noticed how UFOs performed synchronous movements and at times seemed to be exhibiting a kind of celestial dance. A truly impressive show. Not being able to assess what he had witnessed, the witness also suggested that some ufologists carefully examine his video.

They could be SpaceX launches

For its part the Irish Aviation Administration (IAA) stated that there were no reports from pilots of a sighting of unidentified flying objects in the affected area that evening. Someone suggested that it could be rockets that SpaceX, the space corporatino of Elon Musk (who owns also Tesla) had successfully launched into orbit and that they could be observed in many countries, including Ireland.

The increased UFO sighting number is therefore explained by an increase in the race for commercial exploitation of space, or is there something else, or someone else, behind these phenomena? In the coming years the answer will be clearer.

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