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Secret societies want to change the world

Is the world ruled by secret societies? On Fanwave.i, we told you many times which are the most famous. Now we want to suggest what they could want for our future.

The existence of secret societies in the world has been well known for centuries. What is still to be proven is if the best known among them are really the most powerful or there are others, more secret, that act in the shadows with greater effectiveness (some people talk of the Illuminati, but even this could be a false trace).

Secret societies pilot history

However, what many sources and “insiders” (or presumed ones) declared many times is that it exists if not a detailed plan, certainly a common desire from the members of these freemasonry and various organizations to influence human history. And this both in politics both in economic terms.

Recently we talked to a person who told us the following: the world would be close to a series of epochal changes. The first and most sensational “revolution” will cover the credit and payment systems sector. The banking system will collapse within a few years or at most a few decades.

secret societies - Illuminati

Bank system close to collapse

Infact, states are forced to borrow more every year and economic growth will slow down (which is inevitable with the progressive aging of the population), the size of the world debt will be so great that there will be no way to avoid its collapse.

A collapse that will bring with it the banks, owners of trillions of dollars/euros of public debt securities. Meanwhile, China could become the new world leader instead of the United States, despite the efforts that Donald Trump is doing to slow down the process.

China will be the new world superpower

This change of leadership will have significant consequences. For example, wealth will no longer be a distinctive factor; the price of the properties will collapse, making it possible for anyone to buy a house; precious metals, on the other hand, will be increasingly popular and expensive.

All these facts will happen without the explosion of world conflicts because the change will be driven by the true “masters of the world”. In fact even the leaders of the Chinese apparatuses (and beyond) belong to the most powerful secret societies.


Populism is just smoke in the eyes

All the populism of these years, therefore, is nothing but a smokescreen. The truth is that a small number of people will command, while all the others can do nothing but adapt, regardless of the wealth possessed.

Unless something goes wrong and a real, popular revolution breaks out, against this “elitist revolution” which pretends to be popular only to better condition our future. I wonder if it will be like this or not: what do you say?

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