Zone of silence, the Bermuda Triangle of Mexico

Zone of silence, the Bermuda Triangle of Mexico

The zone of silence it's a sort of Bermuda Triangle of Mexico and extends for 50 square kilometers in the desert of Chihuahua, inside the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve.

If you enter you will not be able to use any device to communicate with any fellow travelers as any signal turns off.

Every sign goes out in the zone of silence

The official explanation is that there may be underground magnetite or some meteorite fragments in the area, even if no impact craters are visible within the zone of silence. Furthermore, you will not be able to determine the direction in which to move as the compass arrow literally goes crazy.

Zona del silenzio

Mysterious fireballs sighted in the sky

If you believe the voices, in the zone of silence more than a UFO would have fallen and the government would organize various secret operations. The local population has repeatedly said that they have observed fireballs in the sky and, sometimes, flames rolling down the sides of the mountains like huge burnt mounds of grass.

The crash of Athena rocket

They started talking of the zone of silence in 1970, when an Athena rocket took off from the American airbase of Green River, Utah, to study the upper part of the earth's atmosphere, instead of landing at the White Sands base (New Mexico) crashed into the heart of the zone of silence.

Zona del silenzio bis

After the crash, the former Nazi scientist Wernher Von Braun, engaged in the American space program, came to investigate the zone of silence for 28 days, during which the US Air Force recovered all the debris of the rocket.

Environmental protection or skilled coverage?

Certainly, the authorities have specifically protected the area from tourists, forbidding since the 1970s the entrepreneurs to build hotels or recreational areas within the newly established Mapimí Biosphere Reserve. Was it only environmental protection or a clever covering of an area where there was something that nobody should see?

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