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Kgb and UFOs, secret documents or just a hoax?

Does Kgb hold secret documents regarding contacts beween Soviet Union (Ussr) occurred since 1969, or it’s just a hoax?

Those who believe in this theory often cite the Sverdlovsk incident: in November 1968/March 1969 an alien UFO would have crashed in the Sverdlovsk region, being then recovered by the Red Army. Inside it a dead alien had been found. The UFO and the “stranger” corpse would have been then given to the Soviet secret service (the Kgb) which would have examined the flying saucer and performed an autopsy on the alien.

Sverdlovsk accident, just a mocufiction?

This at least is what the program The Secret Ufo Files of the Kgb, “Il Kgb e gli Ufo: documenti segreti”, broadcast on the American television channel TNT and conducted by the British actor Roger Moore (one of the interpreters of agent 007) told in 1998. In this transmission videos and photographs were shown to confirm the veracity of the story.

The KGB, in particular, would have been busy in those years collecting and monitoring all the information on the mysterious and inexplicable phenomena that had been known inside and outside the Soviet Union. All very interesting and all in all plausible, too bad that a series of details just do not come back, suggesting that it was yet another “mocufiction” with artfully reconstructed movies, as then done years later also by other broadcasters such asDiscovery Channel (the case of the episode 12 triangoli della morte)is famous.

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Kgb and UFOs: five unanswered questions

Given that wanting to believe (to the existence of aliens and mysteries in general) is sacrosanct but being teased is never nice, here is a list of “incorrect” details in the movie:

1. The witness interviewed in the broadcast is presented as V. Vereschagin, but no so-called Russian expert or ufologist appears to exist. Nor has the book he published ever been traced, titled “UFOs in Russia

2. Despite having been told in broadcast that the Sverdlovsk newspaper has resumed the news of an explosion that would have taken place on November 27, 1968, in the days following this date the news was never published

3. The footage shown is dated March 1969: if the crash occurred in November 1968 because the Russian army would move only four months later, running the risk that the news would spread and that other foreign secret services (like Cia or MI6) also tried to steal alien artifacts?

4. Regarding the video, uniformology experts have pointed out that those worn by “Russian soldiers” are actually uniforms introduced only since July 1969 and that therefore could not be worn four months before and still show incorrect details (such as buckles)

5. In the video you can see the snow-covered fields (which is common in Russia in March), but the soldiers appear transported in open trucks, which is very unlikely.

Kapustin Yar

The Prokhladny episode

Beside this “mocufiction” unfortunately, no other documents seem to exist (or if there are, they remain secret and not available to the public). Equally unclear is whether another UFO crashed, or was shot down near the town of Prokhladny (Kabardino-Balkaria) about 20 years after the Sverdlovsk accident, on August 10th 1989.

Also in this case the UFO would have been taken over by the army and transported to the Mozdok air base. Inside it were found two dead aliens and another dying, died shortly after transport. According to “unofficial sources” (difficult to verify) all three creatures were between 1.2 and 1.5 meters high, wore a gray uniform and their blue-green skin resembled reptile scales.

The aliens appeared hairless, they had large black eyes and long limbs with webbed feet. The UFO was later taken to the Kapustin Yar cosmodrome, the so-called “Russian Area 51”. Although the story circles for some time on the web, the ufologists who first reported it have always claimed to have no documents in support of their story: will it be another hoax or a mystery well guarded by the KGB?

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