soul loss

When the soul separates from the body

The animism believes it has explained the origin of diseases and death with the temporary or permanent detachment of the soul from its body.

Science has not yet succeeded in demonstrating whether the soul exists and eventually weights, despite some research carried out in this area. If the followers of animism were right, how would the process of detachment of the soul from the body work?

Travel out of your body

According to this theory the soul of a person would be able to separate from the body and wander, at night, in dreams. In addition, some people, particularly shamans, would be able to cause and control such trips, which, in essence, are projections outside their own body.

These soul journeys are considered normal and cause no concern unless the soul for one reason or another fails to find the way back to the body. There may be many different reasons for the loss of the soul, in addition to the simple inability of the soul to find its way home.

soul and dreams

Why does a soul get lost?

Sometimes the soul is lost because it is taken away by the ghost of a recently deceased person or due to black magic, by the intervention of malignant supernatural beings, or due to an injury or a physical shock experienced by the body.

Also according to the theories of animism, diseases resulting from the loss of the soul are predominantly of a psychological nature. Sudden faults, seizures and other forms of loss of consciousness would be real indicators of the loss of the soul.

Separation of the soul and the role of shamans

After its separation from the body, the soul would tend to go towards the “land of the dead” and the closer it gets to its goal, the weaker and lacking in sense becomes the body from which it has separated. In the case of a soul's loss, a shaman must try to find it and join it again.

soul and shamans

According to the followers of animism this is possible only if the soul has not yet reached the land of the dead. If the disease is caused by witchcraft or the action of some evil spirit, then the shaman must defeat the cause of the disease, of which sometimes the patient does not feel any symptoms.

In these cases the person does not know that his soul has moved away from him until a shaman tells him, being able to discover this event through sleep and take steps to return the soul to the body. Is it true?

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