China buildings on the Moon

Has China found an alien lunar base?

The success achieved by the Chinese lunar probe Chang’e-4, which sent the first images of the dark side of the Moon to the ground has had great success. But on the web, they talk about other discoveries.

In the coming weeks, a small rover will come out of the probe Chang’e-4 to explore the near crater of Von Karmen, the oldest and deepest known on the Moon.

Mysterious lunar buildings

But the web's attention is focused on an earlier Chinese Lunar Mission, that of the Chang’e-2 probe, launched on 1st October 2010 from the Xichang polygon. A couple of years later the site published the photograph that we show you in this article, stating that it had been taken by the Chinese probe.

In it you can see buildings and structures on the surface of the dark side of the Moon, which seem to be clearly artificial. More recently the Canadian site reported the statements of Alex Collier, who for years claims to be in contact with aliens coming from Andromeda.

Collier: Chang’e-2 photographed alien base

According to Collier, who claims to have received the original photos from some Chinese friends, after the lunar mission, Chang'e-2 showed the existence of an alien lunar base, China has multiplied its efforts to get a military base on the moon.

Collier has been arguing for years that both the aliens and some human elites travel regularly to the moon, that would actually be a giant artificial satellite “installed” more than 11,000 years ago in lunar orbit, under whose quarry surface alien installations would still be hidden.


Moon and Phobos are artificial satellites?

The hypothesis of an artificial nature of the Moon is not new and also reported it, but it appears contradictory with the possible existence of installations above its surface: why showing up after making the effort to make an artificial satellite of that size?

Certainly not for lack of space, especially since even Phobos, a satellite of Mars (referred to in the photo above), has been hypothesized an artificial origin among others by the former colonel of the Soviet military aviation (died in 2017), Marina Popovich, while Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov of the former Soviet Academy of Sciences suspected that even Pluto could be hollow.

For now, there are no official confirmations

Despite the confidence shown by both Collier and the Russian experts in the hypothesis that our solar system abounds in artificial satellites of extraterrestrial origin, for now, there is no official confirmation.

Given the ease with which photo-editing programs Chang'e-2 images may have been altered, like others in the past, to show something more than the edge of a crater of natural origin.

To understand more, it will, therefore, be necessary to wait for Beijing to announce officially what will be discovered by the Chang'e-4 mission. As long as you believe in the statements of the Chinese government, of course.

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