Princess Tisulsky (picture from Snow White movie)

Secret history: the mystery of Princess Tisulsky

Is it possible that the human species has much more ancient and mysterious origins than what science currently believes?

Possible that the first men did not evolve parallel to the great apes, as Charles Darwin already wrote, both deriving from a common ancestor, the Pierolapithecus, lived about 13 million years ago during the Miocene, but who had a much older origin?

The mysterious Tisulsky Princess

So far it has not been known of any fossils or archaeological finds that could authorize such supposition, except for a history that sometimes reappears on the web, especially on Russian sites, relating to the so-called Tisulsky Princess.

According to this story September 5, 1969, near the Rzhavchik village in the region of Kemerovo, a marble sarcophagus was found surprisingly from a coal mine.

The sarcophagus measured 250x80x90 cm with a thickness of 15 cm, inside, immersed in a pink-blue liquid, similar to a weak solution of potassium permanganate, the perfectly preserved body of a young woman of European appearance would have been found, of apparent age of 25-30 years, 170-180 cm tall.

Princess Tisulksy sarcophagi

Like a sleeping princess

The "princess" was covered in a white lace dress that came just below the knees, with short sleeves embroidered with colored flowers, without other lingerie.

The girl's face showed wide open blue eyes that seemed to stare at the sky, thick hair, dark brown with reddish hues, slightly curled and falling on the chest, the soft white hands had short, well-cut nails.

According to some witnesses, Tisulsky Princess seemed to sleep or be in suspended animation more than being dead and she would have had a small dark object on the forehead the size of 25x10 cm, similar to a modern cell phone.

Men in gray and mysterious scientists

A few hours after the sarcophagus had been opened and the exhibits had been brought to the local center of the region, a helicopter would have arrived on the spot whose occupants, described as sturdy-looking young men, dressed in gray, would have removed everyone from the sarcophagus saying it was "contagious".

After having taken the names of those who had come into contact with the sarcophagus, the “men in grey” (whose way of acting is reminiscent of that of the men in black) would leave again by carrying the sarcophagus in a helicopter.

According to some versions of the story, the sarcophagus of the liquid would first be emptied to lighten its weight, thus causing the rapid deterioration and blackening of the body of the Princess exposed to air.

The dating of 800 million years

About a week later an elderly scientist from Novosibirsk would return to Rzhavchik to make the preliminary laboratory results known and the real surprise would emerge here.

According to the scientist, whose name is not found on the Internet, the examination of the body revealed that it was less than 800 800 million years old, in the Carboniferous period of the Paleozoic era when only the dinosaurs existed on earth.

Scientists would not have been able to determine the chemical composition of the liquid and the fabric of the girl's clothes, nor the function of the small mysterious object on her forehead. In the following weeks the “men in grey” would come back only to declare that the scientist was a visionary madman and deny the report of the facts published by a local newspaper.

Provided that the story, of which there are no photographic confirmations (being all the photos circulated, including those of this article, referring to sarcophagi and Egyptian mummies or to films like Snow White), is true the mysterious Tisulsky Princess could not be alien to the genetic tests of which the scientist spoke would have confirmed that her DNA was 100% human.

Ancient civilization disappeared or simple hoax?

If the story were true the only possible explanation, however unlikely, it would be that 800 million years ago existed a very evolved human society whose traces were completely swept until the discovery of this sarcophagus. Difficult, however, to find some evidence, especially as all those who came into contact with the princess's sarcophagus would have died in accidents in the course of just a year after the discovery.

However, in 1973 the Soviet authorities would secretly excavate just 6 km from the place where the sarcophagus was found. Years later a worker who claimed to have taken part in these second excavations claimed that an ancient stone age graveyard had been discovered.

Even in this case, however, no official information has ever been provided, nor have any photographs of the excavations and any finds ever circulated on the web. Thus the doubt remains: the disappearance of the Tisulsky Princess was the result of a cover operation in full “cold war” or is it just a hoax that continues to circulate on the web waiting to be definitively denied?

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