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Did a direct energy weapon strike Michigan?

The night of January 16, 2018 was very strange for Michigan, so much so that on the internet sequences of images began to circulate that seemed to confirm the use of a direct energy weapon.

It is a type of ranged weapon that damages the target with highly focused energy, such as lasers, microwaves or particle beams, a real “Rod of God”. Is it possible that it was secretly tested that evening and caused a series of collateral damages?

A very special night in Michigan

What is certain is that, that evening, the flash of a meteor crossed the sky, provoking a small earthquake of magnitude 2.0, a garage went on fire and across the border, in Ohio, an oil refinery conducted a controlled burn, all at the same time.

From here to say that the American government (or maybe the aliens, or perhaps both) had tested a direct energy weapon of incredible power took a moment. Too bad that after some time no evidence of the concrete existence of this weapon has been found. So what exactly happened?

arma energia diretta

The meteor did not hit a garage in Taylor

Indeed, a meteor crossed the Michigan sky leaving a luminous trail behind it. The garage referred to as “target” actually went on fire, but as the local newspaper reported Mlive, “the fire that destroyed a pickup in a garage in Taylor, in the Detroit metropolitan area, was not caused by a meteorite fragment”.

The flames in fact flared up in the garage at 8.24 pm after the owner had already noticed smoke coming out of the engine compartment of the pickup he was working in the garage as reported by local firefighters.

No alien attack on the refinery in Ohio

As for the refinery in Ohio, controlled combustion given the atmospheric conditions of that winter night caused an optical effect known as “light pillars”, magnifying in the photos that were taken the flow of flames.

Local news outlets such as Fox 2 Detroit in the following days they published images of the event, describing it this way: “They look like lights from an alien spaceship, but they are actually light pillars, a spectacular sight most commonly seen during the colder winter months. The phenomenon’s name describes narrow rods that appear to extend from the sky to the ground”.

pilastri di luce

In short: a meteorite, a small earthquake, a burning pickup and a spectacular optical effect are incredibly combined with each other originating the “perfect mix” able to make people cry out to human or alien conspiracy. Or maybe to cover up some secret military tests perfectly.

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