Do vampires descend from aliens?

Alien vampires
The picture was taken from the movie «Lifeforce» - 1995

When you talk of vampires you generally think about Dracula's legend, but well before that Brian Stoker turned it into a gothic novel, in 1897, mankind had already begun to formulate theories of vampirism.

In the prehistoric necropolis some large stones were planted on the body of the dead to make sure they did not come back to torment the living; in the ancient Babylon magical formulas were formulated to protect people from the Etyms, night demons sucking blood to their victims.

Was Judas Iscariot the first vampire?

Jews in ancient times believed that the Aluka (“bloodsucker”) attacked lonely wayfarers in the desert, while in the modern era there were those who claimed that Judas Iscariot may have made a pact with Satan itself for saving his earthly life after betraying Christ, even if the cost of this agreement was the dependence of this existence and that of its descendants from the blood of other innocent beings.

But what if, instead, the explanation on the origins of vampires and vampirism was completely different? After all, we now consider the idea of other forms of life in the universe much more plausible than was thought possible in the past few centuries, so the idea that vampire legends can be linked to extraterrestrial beings does not look so “alien” anymore.

Alien vampires
The picture was taken from the movie «Lifeforce» - 1995

Vampires, the alien hypothesis

An ancient spaceship may have had to land on Earth in prehistoric times due to a breakdown and then discovering that the only food the surviving members of the alien crew were able to tolerate all over the planet was human blood.

After centuries when members of this ancient group of “alien vampires” they would periodically carry out indiscriminate mass exterminations, the genetic heirs of aliens and the human population would learn to control their thirst for blood, thus succeeding in wandering among us without arousing suspicion.

The idea of alien vampires was taken up in the cartoon series Roswell Conspiracies produced by Saban Entertainment broadcast for the first time on the BKN channel between 1999 and 2000, but traces that confirm both the existence of vampires and their being descendants of some ancient alien race are not easy to find.

Alien vampires
The picture was taken from the TV series «The Strain» - 2014


The legend of Chupacabras

Some, however, do not exclude that the South American legend of the Chupacabras (literally the “goat sucker”) can refer to a being of this kind.

Many of the areas in which this creature has been reported coincide with UFO sighting areas and indeed two Chupacabras would have been captured in 1995 and subsequently transferred to the United States to be studied.

Is it, therefore, possible that this is not just about legends and that alien vampires are still among us? At the moment there is no proof in this regard, but only time can establish it with certainty. In the meantime, avoid, perhaps, to wander alone at night along deserted streets.

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