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Alien contacts: will it be an invasion or just a courtesy visit?

So far, science has ignored any hypothesis of contact with alien civilizations, but the number of those who claim to have seen a UFO or of being in direct contact with extraterrestrials shows no decline.

This despite being long past the clamor of the nineties when the world was in the grip of an “x-file mania” which may have induced suggestive phenomena capable of distorting statistics.

Alien contacts, two opposite hypotheses

That said, any large-scale contact with alien beings continues to be imagined as two diametrically opposite situations: a courtesy visit or a real invasion.

On the one hand it has been repeatedly noted that UFOs appear more often in some critical moments or natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. So some researchers believe that the aliens have helped us fight the whims of nature and overcome the most difficult moments throughout our history.

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Aliens would try to improve humanity

Some historians, fascinated by the UFO theme, have suggested that the ultimate goal of aliens is to bring goodness, harmony and peace to planet Earth as human nature is imperfect. We lie to one another, we kill, we pollute the environment, we break down the forests, we run out of natural resources, while the aliens, as representatives of a much more developed race, would like to help us, as if we were their younger brothers. They would induce us, kindly, to improve, to love each other more.

A large-scale alien contact in such a scenario would not be an invasion, but simply a visit by friends we do not know, but who know us very well. The opinion is shared by those ufologists who believe that the aliens, no matter if Nordic aliens, Grey aliens or Reptilian aliens, have been visiting the planet Earth for some time having been observed by the ancient Maya as well as by ancient Egyptians.

Not everyone agrees with a benevolent hypothesis

If they wanted to, it's logical deduction, the aliens could have conquered the Earth a long time ago. However, not all scientists share this rosy point of view and some like Stephen Hawking suggested to be cautious.

After all, every year thousands of people seem to disappear without leaving a trace all over the world and the few who return speak of barbarous experiments to which victims of alien abductions would have been subjected. Abductions whose numbers would be growing, exceeding those that have occurred in the last 20 years before or even before.

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The number of alien abductions is growing

All this would happen secretly, so most of humanity knows nothing about such abductions or does not believe that they really happened. Meanwhile, the aliens, given their level of technology and the apparent ability to exercise mental control over people, could easily manage the whole thing openly, without paying attention to what's happening.

The spread of panic among the terrestrials would depend only on them, but in the end the aliens would rather act in secret, hiding among us. Why? Perhaps because in the universe there are forces, extraterrestrial civilizations, that oppose this way of proceeding and have not yet lost the hope of putting the terrestrials on the right path.

However, if it is true that the number of abductions is growing more and more, ours “supporters” would be getting tired, or maybe they would lose their confidence in our desire to improve. Also for this reason the last alien contacts would have had as their aim more and more unscrupulous experiments, perhaps even genetic ones.

The Robert Dean revelations

According to some stories of these years, human women would be fertilized on board UFO and then give birth to children who would soon be kidnapped by the aliens, Nordic, Gray or Reptilian who are. These children could play a special role during a possible future alien invasion.

They seem only speculations, yet according to the former US Army officer Robert Orel Dean (dead October 11, 2018), there would exist a top secret document to which Dean had access and with which almost all the leaders of the world powers are familiar, which would demonstrate the veracity of these “hypotheses”.

Earth leaders have known the truth since the 1960s

According to this document, planet Earth has long been the object of intense and massive observation by various alien civilizations, equipped with technologies more advanced than our thousands of years. The sequence of observations and the fact that they are conducted for many centuries would demonstrate the existence of a specific plan or program.

The military intelligence services would have signaled the absence of an immediate threat from alien civilizations. However, some facts indicate a potential for intervention in the affairs of the main world governments.

Copies of the document, Dean said, were sent to all the heads of NATO member states in the mid-1960s and since then the secret would be kept waiting to see if one day the aliens were to visit us in droves, amicably or not.

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