ufo sightings interstate 84

UFO sightings on Interstate 84

Since the mid-1980s, the number of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in Connecticut has increased significantly for some reason.


One of the most famous episodes occurred on May 26, 2012, when between 9:30 am and 10:00 am, over 200 people phoned the local and state police to report a huge UFO with bright lights flying low over the Interstate 84 (Connecticut's busiest highway) near the cities of Newtown and Southbury.

UFO was seen by dozens of witnesses

The official version of the authorities was that it was just a group of ultralight aircraft taken off from Candlewood airport that flew in close formation with colored lights hanging from the rear of the aircraft.

The police also explained to the witnesses that the planes had been painted black and that therefore what could be seen from the ground were just the lights. However, many of the witnesses to the phenomenon found it very difficult to believe this explanation.

The Proulx: it was a single aircraft

For example, according to Ms. Betty Proulx, Middlebury, the UFO remained suspended above her house without sounding for more than two minutes. When your husband, Mr. Proulx, learned of the official explanation he said he could not accept it having worked in the Us Navy air division: "it was only one plane, but like no plane I've ever seen in my life", he added.

Ufo Interstate 84

Also for Etting, it was a solid object

Another witness, Mr. Randy Etting, a commercial pilot with over thirty years of experience, claimed that the official explanation was "the chatter of idiots". Etting watched the lights from his home in Newtown, Connecticut, around 9:45 pm and said there were at least eight lights of different colors flying very close to each other and without a sound.

While the object passed over his house, he observed it with a 7x35 pair of binoculars and noticed the same kind of heatwaves that distort the air around the lights from the UFO. Both he and the Proulx insisted they were sure it was a solid object.

Charlie Tuperman witness

Dozens of car drivers then reported seeing the same light formation moving over Interstate 84. One of them in particular, Charlie Tuperman, said he noticed lights in front of him.

"They were low and looked like a Boeing 747 was about to land on the highway. This thing had about ten lights in a kind of semicircle and the lights were yellow, green, blue, white and red". "I stopped", Tuperman added, "and I saw this thing going straight to the lanes to the west. I saw a dark mass behind the lights and there was no sound".

A further sighting

Around 10.00, always along the I-84 near New Milford, Robert Nellis, in the car with a friend of his, Jeff, and his dog, were coming home after a day of fishing.

The dog began to bark and cry, at which point Jeff looked to the northeast and saw a series of bright lights hovering over an expanse of pine trees less than a quarter-mile away. Stopping the car, they saw that the lights were approaching slowly toward them, marveling at the size of the UFO.

Ufo Interstate 84 secret plane

Witnesses agree: it was a UFO

It was wider than a football field” later declared Nellis, according to whom when the object passed the car he noticed a very dark structure that connected the lights positioned at the back of the object.

In short, all the witnesses agree, it was a UFO, whatever its nature. Is it possible that all of them are wrong, or have been hit by a collective hallucination? Or maybe what was spotted was a secret experimental plane?

The official explanation is unconvincing

Certainly, the official explanation does not explain anything, since it was illegal for ultralight flying at night, for more in close formation, moreover, it does not turn out that day any aircraft flew rising from a Connecticut airport if not only one (but from Stormville, not from Candlewood, and anyway in the morning and not in the evening)?

For those who want to believe in UFOs, the only authentic explanation can be that it was a UFO sighting, whether it was an alien object or a secret experimental aircraft.

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